At home with Marni Jameson: Design podcast pulls back curtain on TV home makeover shows | Home & Garden

“Those TV home makeovers that happened in a one-hour episode? People don’t realize, I had a crew of 100, and it took us a week to do one house.” I am talking with Mark Brunetz, the Emmy-Award winning co-host of “Clean House,” a series that ran on the Style Network from 2003 to 2011.

“You mean that wasn’t reality?” I am so gullible.

“I sensed this disconnect between what was being presented and what was really happening that nobody was talking about,” he said, of the nine years he worked on the show. “The shows featured the beginning and the end, and glossed over and glamorized the middle. It shortchanged the design process, which has so much more depth.”

He often thought, “Man, if people only knew the story behind the story, that design is about so much more than putting pretty things in a room and the

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Home design: A trip to France provides inspiration for a kitchen makeover

This Norwell kitchen redesign includes some French country touches.Danielle Robertson/Styling by Janine Maggiore/GrandView PropHouse

The longtime owners of this Norwell home installed cherry cabinetry for their last kitchen renovation — 30 years ago. This time around, they looked to France for inspiration. “We incorporated colors and materials with a French rustic aesthetic drawn from the couple’s romantic memories of a trip there,” says Raquel Swartz, founder of Seviva Design. The architectural designer also enlarged the space by absorbing the dining room. “We created a large, open space with natural light and modern updates that feel right at home,” she says.

1 Reclaimed white oak floorboards tie together the two spaces that became the new kitchen. “We eased the transition between this space and the adjacent ones by using similar wood,” Swartz says.

2 Swartz centered the new farmhouse sink on the existing windows, which look to a nature preserve

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Drown In The Bohemian Vibe By Giving Your Room A Boho Makeover

Bohemian design is one of the most refreshing styles of home designing. It not only is unconventional but it is also believed to have no set of guidelines defined to decorate a bohemian style home.

And that is why a lot of people love and appreciate this style. Apart from that, this design is very abstract and anyone can do it. So, makeover your rooms with a touch of boho-chic factor this time and add more character and fun to your space effortlessly. Here are some things to do to makeover your room in boho style. Take a look.

Understanding The Bohemian Design Concept


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A boho home is designed with maximalism in mind. It is decorated with overboard patterns, design layouts, and abstract concepts since there is absolutely no rule. Further, the furniture that is used in this type of design is also unconventional,

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