The choice of cushion not only affects comfort, but also the decisive design door in the room. Even if you want to create a minimalist-modernist style, choosing a handmade cushion cover can subtly complement or completely destroy your style or theme. 

It is not limited to colors, patterns and designs. The choice of fabric for your handmade cushions can also play an important role in the final feeling of space.

The beauty of the new seat cushion is that it enhances the colors, patterns and texture of the existing decoration scheme. Even if the new cushions look beautiful, it is also important to consider the effect of the choice of fabric and how it complements the interior of the room. 

Continue reading on to learn about the best textiles that Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides for different types of handmade cushions covers, so that you can confidently choose the most suitable fabric for your next Custom-made cushions. 

  1. Cotton Linen


Cotton linen is one of the selected high-end fabrics, very suitable for designer goods, custom gifts and even handmade cushions made of luxury home furnishings.

Cotton linen fabric is a durable natural fiber with a gorgeous linen texture. Cotton is the most common choice for handmade cushion fabrics, and it’s easy to understand why. It is also a natural fiber, so it is friendly to sensitive skin. 

Although linen is natural, it wrinkles easily. However, it is also strong and durable, and after several washings, it becomes beautiful and soft. Linen is usually blended with cotton to provide the best quality without wrinkling the folds. 

  1. Polyester and Nylon


Polyester: a high-quality fabric that retains its shape and color. Polyester fiber is a combination of a variety of fibers, and it has become a popular choice for cushioning materials for its famous wrinkle resistance and enhanced strength.

It is a unique, moderately priced material with warmth and durability, suitable for any home environment. Because polyester fibers are easy to clean and dry and hard to expand, you can find polyester fibers in high-quality handmade cushion designs that fit most indoor spaces.

Nylon, also, is an excellent choice for your handmade cushions. But it is important to check the washing instructions label because its durability depends on the correct blend of fibers.

However, these fabrics are very versatile. They have remained a popular fabric choice for many years and can be used to imitate more expensive, stronger fabrics such as silk and wool. 

  1. Wool and silk


Wool is a natural fiber made from animals and is favored for its excellent environmental quality. Wool creates a comfortable winter atmosphere and adds immediate warmth to the décor of the room. 

Wool does not contain chemical substances, it’s a natural flame retardant, and it’s naturally hypoallergenic. In addition to these functions, it is also very suitable for beautiful richness and texture for handmade cushion covers. 

Speaking of natural fibers, silk can also be the most decadent choice among all fibers. The smooth and cool touch is good, quietly pulling out the old silk surface, but staying on luxury. 

But you must pay a generous price for this. It is one of the most expensive cushion covers fabric choices, but it is not the strongest though. However, after careful care and gentle cleaning, you can continue to have a luxurious home. 

  1. Velvet


One of the ideal choices for luxury of your sofa and your living room, as a whole, is having velvet handmade cushions. You can choose colorful velvet or more modern velvet handmade cushion, which provides a sense of decadence while maintaining a durable fabric.

The material is very soft and has rich deep colors. If decorates properly, velvet can last for decades. Durable, washable, easy to rinse, the fabric will not stretch or fade. 

All the fabrics mentioned above are good handmade cushion fabrics. With proper care, even delicate and changeable things like silk and velvet retain their beauty for many years. However, if you want to have it both long and versatile, we recommend using a stable cotton and linen blend. 

No matter what type of fabric you buy, Yorkshire Fabric Shop can provide a lot of options for your handmade cushions fabrics. Whether it is indoor or outdoor, you can choose from a variety of solid textures to spice up your home.