The Best Ways to Infuse Your Living Room With Authentic Parisian Charm


If you want to give your living room that inexplicable Parisian “je ne sais quoi,” you should try these 13 design options. These ideas will make you feel like you’re in the middle of the glittering European metropolis.

Image: Mirna A.Emad

White Walls

White walls can help you combine Parisian style and rustic French country vibes in general. If you’re a fan of European minimalism, pale walls may also help you achieve all of your interior design goals.

Image: Sophie Dries

Wood Floors

Fans of Parisian decor should consider installing wood floors, specifically of the Herringbone parquet variety. Since these smooth floors are enduring and fashionable, they’re suitable for modern and classic design approaches alike.


Tall Windows

If you want to design an authentically Parisian living room, you should zero in on tall or high windows. These kinds of windows create the illusion of extra space. They can make living rooms feel airy, laid-back and genuinely Parisian, too.

Image: @dzabello


The addition of moldings can make all of your Parisian interior design scheme wishes come to fruition. Opt for moldings in subtle and neutral colors. These can make living rooms feel spacious. Crown moldings are staples in many Parisian residences. They can open people up to all sorts of thrilling and memorable design choices.


Marble Mantels

Marble mantels can give your living room flair that’s hard to miss. If you want your living room to feel genuinely Parisian, nostalgic and vintage, then you should go for antique marble mantels if at all possible.

Gold Vintage Mirror

Introducing a gold vintage mirror to your living room can give it a feeling of opulence that’s unrivaled. It may even bring the splendor of Versailles to mind.


What can be more painfully and delightfully Parisian than a living room armoire? If you want to minimize clutter, a living room armoire can help you do so. It can give your space a streamlined European feel that’s tranquil and distinctive, too.


Living room chandeliers can also contribute to luxurious Parisian ambiances. Go for a detail-oriented French country chandelier that will instantly transport you to the City of Lights.


Wall Sconces

Wall sconces can illuminate your space in true City of Lights fashion. Since they’re rather discreet, they can give your living room a muted and low-key Parisian serenity.


Decorating your living room with a bust can take your space to the next level. It can give it an elegant and classical atmosphere all the same.

High Ceilings

High ceilings do more than make living rooms seem bigger. They also pave the way for high-end and sumptuous vibes.


Furniture With Curved Shapes

Furniture items that are curved can make spaces feel unapologetically Parisian. Try a curved sofa or chaise lounge for maximum appeal.

Image: KSh Design

Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers can make your living room feel fragrant and welcoming. You can perfume your space using hyacinths, orchids, anemones, peonies and roses galore.

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