The Home Depot Just Dropped Their 2022 Halloween Decor Lineup, and Everything is Giant


The Home Depot has officially released its 2022 Halloween decoration lineup, and we’re thrilled to share that it’s just as exciting and even larger than previous years.

The Home Depot has become known for its lines of show-stopping Halloween decor, and last week the SPY team got a sneak peek at what’s available this season. After the success of 2020’s Skelly, the 12-Foot Tall Skeleton that they literally can’t keep in stock, they’re definitely leaning in to the big, bold, giant decorations.

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The Home Depot officially released their 2022 Halloween decorations for sale on their website last week, and we’re not surprised that a few of their most popular items are already sold out. This unfortunately includes Skelly, everyone’s favorite obnoxiously large skeleton. However, The Home Depot team has informed us that Skelly will be restocked multiple times throughout the summer and fall so as many people as possible can purchase him.

We’ll do our best to keep you informed of these restock dates as they occur in our Skelly buying guide below.

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Last year, The Home Depot also released an additional 12-Foot Skeleton with a pumpkin head and burning inferno eyes. Skelly’s gourd-headed brethren are also sold out, but we’re confident there will be more opportunities to purchase him in the future.


The Home Depot 2022 Halloween Decorations

Many elements of The Home Depot’s 2022 Halloween decor line stood out to us, but here are a few highlights we want to make sure our readers don’t miss.

As always, their Halloween decor is split up into a hand full of different collections: Grave & Bones, Moonlit Magic, Classic Characters, Iconic Inflatables, Spooky Lighting and Halloween Classics.

You can shop all of them on their website, and our editors have hand-selected a few pieces that caught our eyes during the showcase.

9.5 Foot Animated Immortal Werewolf

This is your best bet if you’re looking to get as close to Skelly as possible. This werewolf was one of the most impressive decor items we saw during The Home Depot’s 2022 showcase, and if you’re looking to terrify the neighborhood children, you shouldn’t pass him up.

He’s over 9 feet tall, comes with the ability to move his head, eyes and jaw, as well as growl and snarl sounds for the perfect spooky vibe. He has built-in orange LEDs for a creepy ambiance at night and LCD LifeEyes, the same as Skelly, for a lifelike facial glow.

The Home Depot werewolf, Home Depot halloween decorations

The Home Depot werewolf, Home Depot halloween decorations

Buy: Home Accents Holiday 9.5 Foot Animated Werewolf $399.00


15-Foot Animatronic Towering Halloween Phantom

If you’re looking to go big and bold, this giant Halloween phantom figure is another way to go. It’s 15 feet tall for a truly overpowering, terrifying presence, and the LEDs in its hands, head and body change colors for a spooky effect. The phantom has a tattered and flowy robe that eerily blows in the wind, and it has various shrieking sound effects to scare pedestrians passing by.

The Home Depot halloween phantom

The Home Depot halloween phantom

Buy: Home Accents Holiday 15 Foot Animatronic Phantom $399.00


7 Foot 600 Light LED Purple Willow Tree

A willow tree has always been an elegantly creepy thing, don’t you agree? Clearly, the experts at The Home Depot do, as this LED Purple Willow Tree caught our eye during the demonstration due to its 600 lights and eerie glow that’ll compliment any yard with enough room. A sturdy metal frame holds it up to support all of the LED lights and any extra adornments you want to add. Mini skulls? Extra garlands? You get the picture.

It’s 7 feet high and built to withstand outdoor conditions, so it should last you for years to come.

The Home Depot purple LED tree

The Home Depot purple LED tree

Buy: Home Accents Holiday 7 Foot LED Purple Willow Tree $129.00


3-Foot Harry Potter Halloween Inflatable

The Home Depot’s line of classic character inflatables includes this adorable Harry Potter, that’s perfect if you’ve got wizard fans in the house. It’s only 3 feet tall, so it’s ideal if you’ve got kids (or adults) in the house who would be terrified of the gargantuan decorations. It self-inflates, making it super easy to set up, and it comes with LEDs to help it glow at night.

Harry Potter inflatable, Home Depot halloween decorations

Harry Potter inflatable, Home Depot halloween decorations

Buy: 3 Foot Harry Potter Halloween Inflatable $34.98


21 Inch Grimacing LED Pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern

Halloween decorations wouldn’t be complete without a jack o’ lantern or two. This one is 21 inches large and made with a flickering flame light on the inside so you can spook your guests without needing to leave a candle unattended. It’s designed to look just like a real pumpkin, with realistic wrinkles and indentations, and it can be used indoors or outdoors.

grimacing pumpkin, Home Depot halloween decorations

grimacing pumpkin, Home Depot halloween decorations

Buy: 21 Inch Grimacing LED Jack O’ Lantern $39.98


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