The Importance of Choosing a Professional Real Estate Agent

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It is a priority for us, to choose a professional property agent. By working with a property agent, it not only makes it easier for us, as explained in the article the advantages and disadvantages of using the services of a property agent , but can prevent us from the risk of fraud ( fraud risk ). To avoid this, you must be observant in choosing a property agent who will work with you. Here are tips for finding a professional real estate agent:

1. Prioritize choosing a property agent who comes from a clear property agent office

The property agent business has mushroomed. Lots of new property agents have sprung up. However, do all professional property agents handle the process of buying and selling property? Of course, no. Therefore, choose a property agent with a clear reputation so that you avoid being scammed under the guise of a property agent.

As the best property agent in Indonesia, Ray White has been established since 1997 and is the number one property agent in Indonesia and is listed as a member of the Indonesian Real Estate Brokers Association (AREBI). The existence of AREBI has been recognized by the Government of Indonesia where all of its members are property agent offices that have been recognized for their existence and are professionals in their fields. In addition, Ray White also won the Top Brand Awards for 7 consecutive years from 2013 to 2019. This further proves that Ray White is a clear and professional property agent.

2. Ask Your Friends or Relatives for a Property Agent Referral

You can ask for references from friends or relatives about their experience in buying and selling property transactions with their trusted property agents. Find out the intricacies in detail. It’s a good idea, you ask for references to several people so that there is a comparison. Through these references, you will be more confident in the reputation of the property agent because it is based on personal experience, not because of the advertisement or promotion of the property agent.

We have a lot of clients , namely property investors who always entrust Ray White continuously in buying and selling property. For us, client ‘s reputation and trust is the most important thing in business. Ask for references from those who have made Ray White their trusted property agent, to reference the name of a specialist agent in their field.

3. Find out the profile of the property agent through their website and social media accounts

After you get a reference about the name of the property agent, it’s a good idea to find out the profile of the property agent through their website and social media accounts to find out the track record of their achievements and listings. The number of listings they have is one of the references that the property agent has experience and has a lot of network with property investors . are required to keep up with the times, especially in the field of online property marketing . All property agent achievements will be published on Ray White’s website and social media. This aims to transparency the performance of Ray White’s property agents and make it easier for clients to contact our agents and view the listing list.

4. Find out the Validity of Property Agent Listing

Sometimes there are some rogue property agents who include other people’s property listings in their listings. First, check the validity of the listing by contacting the property agent and paying attention to the style of speech. The more confident a property agent provides an answer, the more likely the listing is his personal listing. Also ask whether the agent is a direct owner or not. Prioritize property agents who have direct access to property owners in their listings.

Real estate agent is required to be professional in this matter. Prior to listing, property agent is required to conduct a site survey . Then, a survey was conducted to property owners to check the validity of ownership of the property. This is important to do so that there are no potential legal problems in the future.

5. Choose a Prospective Property Agent Who Understands Your Needs, Not Forcing

As a professional property agent, it is taboo to force you to buy a property that is on their personal listing. Also, avoid property agents who force you to sell your property through the property agent. This violates the code of ethics of a property agent. Beware of scams under the guise of real estate agents.

Property agents should act as consultants who help find properties that suit your needs, not force you to buy the listings. Likewise, if you want to sell property, the property agent may not force you to sell your favorite property through the property agent. Every property agent is required to be a problem solver by becoming a reliable property consultant for you . Be sure to choose as your trusted property agent.