The Ultimate Holiday Decor Trends 2022 List

The Ultimate Holiday Decor Trends 2022 List

One of our favorite times of year is here, and with that comes the exhilarating thrill of decorating for the holidays. No matter what holidays you celebrate, the space you have, or the budget you can create a beautiful and cozy display that will generate so much joy. We compiled one of the ultimate holiday decor trends 2022 lists so you can focus on the design.

Below you’ll find ideas for both religious and non-religious designs, inside and outside, and lots of styles. Read more!

Winter Decorations: Non-Religious

Decorating for the holidays does not have to have a religious influence. In fact, making your home cozy for winter in general is much easier than decorating for specific religious holidays then having to switch those out in January post-holidays. We aren’t saying to not through up the Christmas Tree or the Menorah, but we are saying to opt for more “evergreen” decorations and sprinkle in the special decorations. Here are a few decor ideas to consider:

Christmas Decor 2022 Ideas & Inspiration

Making your decorations easy for winter is a great plan, but adding in the specific holiday flair you want is so much fun! The memories and traditions for the specific holidays you celebrate are priceless. Christmas time in the US is a huge holiday, and the range of ideas and creativity for celebrating with Christmas ornaments, furnishings, and designs is almost endless. Here are a few brilliant ideas for Christmas 2022 decor trends and inspirations.

Outdoor Holiday Decor Ideas 2022

Adding holiday decor outside is a fun way to share your holiday spirit with others. Your outside decor can be as simple as a beautiful wreath on your front door or as ornate as a full display of garland, ribbon, and other decorations accompanied with lights and a myriad of other fun ideas.

Living in an apartment can be challenging to share your holiday spirit to the outdoors. Think creativity by designing a window to the outside, adorning it with lights, window painted fake snow, or ribbon. Embellishing your front door is another simple way of furnishing your outside holiday spirit with limited space.

No matter your space, find great outdoor holiday decor ideas from Pinterest below, or share more ideas with us!

Trendy Holiday Decor: The Holiball 2022!

One of our favorite holiday decoration ideas is the Shark Tank Holiball!

It is a simply, beautiful ornament meant for inside or outside. It is reusable year-after-year, the colors can be customized to your style and design scheme.

Read more about the Holiball and reviews with our full article!

Best Holiday Decor Trends 2022: Decoration Ideas, Tips, Shopping

We hope you got some inspiration from this holiday decor trends 2022 list. No matter how you celebrate, there are fantastic inspiration ideas for your holiday decor. It can sometimes be difficult to design a holiday display and be overwhelmed with options. Start small with a window, your mantle, front door, or coffee table. Then go from there and add a little bit over time.

For those with the eye for design, going big can be easy. We love a big display of winter decor trends. Adding in some unique pieces like a Holiball or other trends will undoubtedly leave you at the front of the pack for holiday designs. Find more inspiration on our website and below. Happy decorating!

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