Time for some new or updated home renovation ideas


Some of those projects that people are looking to renovate is the exterior of their homes, one area in particular. “Re-roof needs. A lot of issues coming out of winter with snow, people are raking, and they are done with that. And with metal roofs, you do not have to do that, says Jones. So, it has the ability for the snow to slide right off. People are kind of excited about this newer product that has been around for a while but has some new advanced technology.” Brandon Jones is the Manager of Metal Roof Installation. 

Staying with the exterior of homes, the idea of entertaining more has grabbed the attention of builders in the form of lot and lots of decks! “People want to get outside and enjoy the weather, says Oman.” Eddy Oman is the owner of Ed Oman Construction.

For companies, it has been hard to get products over the past few years. According to The Real Economy Blog, the price of lumber has skyrocketed over the past year, up more than 75% over the pre-pandemic high. Some construction say they noticed that windows have been hard to find, “just because it is tough to make them in the manufacturing office. So our biggest problem is windows because it’s backed up”, says Oman. 

Others have noticed that the products they use were easy to get, but they slowed down a bit. “The metal supply has not been too hard hit for us. We have been able to keep our stuff moving pretty quick which is nice, says Jones. It delayed a bit through the covid trouble, but for us maybe a week or two slow down.”

Production flow has increased heavily, but it is still taking some time to get supplies and causing some a delay in construction. “It slows things down a little bit, but it also gives us time to talk to our customers and make sure that we are getting them exactly what they want.” Whether you are doing some upgrading renovation or starting from scratch, there are a lot of project ideas out there for you to explore.


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