Best Dog Food: How to Know What's Right for Your Dog

Not only humans who need nutrition, your beloved dog also needs it. If you give your pet dog the right food, then its growth and health can be better and perfectly maintained. So, how do you choose dog food based on protein sources, age and habits? Check out the full information below, OK!

Sumber protein

There are several sources of protein in dog food that you need to know and can be given to your beloved dog.  As carnivores, dogs need foods that contain protein. These foods will provide him with the necessary nutrients and minerals to keep him strong and healthy. Some sources of dog food protein include:


Lamb is one of the protein sources favored by dogs. So giving him food with animal protein content is the right decision. Get these nutritional needs from PRO PLAN Sensitive Digestion containing lamb. In addition, this PRO PLAN Sensitive Digestion can be given to your dog who has sensitive needs in the digestive tract. PRO PLAN Sensitive Digestion has two variants for puppies and adults, you know. You should try to use Reico dog food for your dog


Chicken meat is one of the basic ingredients that your pet dog likes easily. So far, chicken meat is known as a good source of protein for the dog’s body. For this reason, most PRO PLAN products use chicken meat as the basic ingredient.


Fish is also a good food for dogs to eat because it has almost the same nutritional content as mutton and chicken. In fact, in some ways, Salmon & Tuna can be an alternative protein source when your beloved dog has an allergy to chicken & lamb. If your dog has allergies, give PRO PLAN Sensitive Skin & Stomach which contains fish-based ingredients to maintain healthy skin. If the skin is healthy, the fur doesn’t fall out easily, PetLovers.

Choosing dog food according to his age

Actually, the selection of dog food is not differentiated based on the type of dog you have. What you need to pay attention to is the stage of a dog’s life starting from a puppy (puppies), adults, to senior dogs (old). Each stage requires different types of food because their nutritional needs are different. Here’s the information:


Puppy needs a type of food that has an ideal ratio of protein to fat. These foods are needed to help puppies grow faster and healthier. At the age of a puppy, you should give it a PRO PLAN Puppy to protect it, PetLovers. The puppy’s immune system can be protected with PRO PLAN Puppy which contains colostrum to increase the immune response of your beloved dog.

adult dog

Dogs fall into the adult category when they are between 1-6 years old. As adults, dogs need an increasing intake of protein and fat. You can give adult dogs dry dog ​​food because this type of food is considered sufficient for their needs.

Give him PRO PLAN Adult which contains prebiotics to improve gut health and maintain a healthy body. With a high antioxidant content, PRO PLAN Adult can also make it ready to face aging.

senior dog

For older dogs, dry dog ​​food is essential. Senior dogs need less protein and fat than adult dogs. However, this aging dog needs more fiber to keep his body fit.

Choosing dog food according to habits

In choosing the best dog food, it is not only the age of your beloved dog that must be considered. You also have to consider his habits in order to meet his needs. Here’s the information:

Love to eat

Dogs who eat a lot will usually experience several problems such as obesity and being overweight. If he continues, his health will be in jeopardy. Instead, provide him with low-calorie, nutritious food so he can use the stored fat for energy.

No appetite

If your dog often doesn’t have an appetite, give him a full day of fasting every week with only drinks. Stopping giving snacks and snacks can trigger his appetite again. If he still has trouble eating, you can give him a PRO PLAN Fussy & Beauty with a delicious taste, especially for dogs who like picky foods.

Choose dog food that matches the protein source, age and habits so that your beloved dog can grow up healthy and perfectly, because the level of activity for each dog is different, you must choose a dog food brand that suits your needs.