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9 Top Trends in Interior Lighting Design for 2020 | Home Remodeling  Contractors | Sebring Design Build

Interior lighting is important to the overall ambiance and design of the home. The atmosphere of the home, whether cozy or vibrant, can be manipulated through interior designs, furniture and fixtures, and lighting. Lighting is so important that businesses pay huge sums for light engineers to help them create the ambiance they desire for their outfits, especially in the entertainment, leisure, and hospitality industries. Also, the lighting for different areas of the house differs – the kind of light you need for the bedroom is different from what is needed from an office, which is different from what is needed in a living room. The functionality of each space is what determines the lighting of the space.

Making decisions about interior lighting designs might prove challenging, as manufacturers keep improving upon the designs and functionality of their products, and as technology improves, it gets incorporated into the designs. Reading home décor companies reviews might be one way to keep up with trends in the lighting industry. These are some styles that are popular in 2020. They were compiled from customer reviews, interior decorators’ reviews, and the preferences of home owners.

  •         Lighting companies recently tilt towards the mid-90s designs for fixtures, with the preference for simple and straightforward designs rather than complex looking designs. These days, in the realm of lighting, it seems less is more. Simple looking chandelier over the dining table, wall scones to add a fun touch to the living room are becoming popular choices these days, bringing a timeless ambiance to space. The industrial and metal-oriented rustic finishes also seem to be preferred choices by some in 2020.
  •         The use of sustainable materials for lighting products seems to be a rave presently. With increasing populations of the world collectively becoming eco-friendlier and minding their carbon footprints, wood, rattan, bamboo, acacia, and recycled cardboard are some of the re-purposed materials used to create fantastic designs and cases for the modern space. A look at US-reviews and some other review websites might help you choose where to shop.
  •         Portable lighting products are all the rage. No longer is there the need for humongous lighting products and solutions, as the wattage and brightness of lighting products have become increasingly better over the years, thanks to technology.
  •         Incandescent bulbs have been around for a long time, but many decorators and homeowners seem to have moved towards LED lighting that is not as wasteful of energy, helping to save money, power, and the environment. Some LED lighting also come with dimming features that can help the user to set specific tones for different occasions or times of the day. The savings on LED is more of a long-term investment, as it can be quite pricey at first.
  •         Indirect Lighting originally surfaced a couple of years back but seems to be here to stay as it continues to be a favorite among homeowners and interior designers. Lighting fixtures embedded in the floor, in the walls, in the ceilings, under the counters are some of the many options available for indirect indoor lighting.
  •         Mini Chandeliers are also used in unexpected places to create an unpredictability to space. Chandeliers in kitchens and hallways are not as unpopular as they used to be.

In sum, your preference comes first in the decision of how to light your space. If you have children or do a lot of reading, you might want a well-lighted area for the health of your family’s eyes. If you are a nocturnal person, you might find it easier to decorate the lighting to reflect your preferences for darker lighting. The ultimate thing is that your choice of lighting reflects your taste, and meets your preferences. Here’s wishing you love and light!

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