What Are The Essential Tools That Carpenters Should Have?

People who work as carpenters always bring their own tools. If you buy the right tools from the beginning, then they can last with you for a long time. Buying good quality durable tools is a must, because you wouldn’t want your tools to break on you while you’re working.

But let’s say you’ve saved up enough to invest in the essential tools that a carpenter needs. Maybe you’ve found a way to finance your new career in carpentry, and are excited to get started. You could also be an industry veteran wondering whether there’s any essential tool missing from your toolkit. Whether your new or experienced in carpentry, these are the tools that you’ll usually find yourself using.

1. Claw Hammer 

Driving nails in is a part of your job description as a carpenter. A simple claw hammer that comes with a chisel, as well as a nail set. This is all you’ll need. Your claw hammer can also double as a tool for demolition. They are also useful when making adjustments which require more force than what you can provide

2. Tape Measure 

The tool you’ll most often find yourself using is most probably the tape measure. There are lots of widths that you can find tape measures in, but one that’s 25 ft in length will suit most jobs. Consider avoiding cheap tape measures as you’ll need this tool often.

3. Chisel 

You should own multiple chisels. One that is 1/4th wide as well as one that is 3/4th wide would make good companions. Usually, your chisel will be used to cut things. But you can also use it in the same way you would use a bar for prying, or as a putty knife.

4. Combination Square 

This is a tool with multiple purposes. You’ll use it to mark your cuts, as well as 45 degrees, and even squares. This is a tool that can be adjusted so you can also use yours as a depth gauge.

5. Utility Knife 

A utility knife is a tool that most carpenters should always carry with them. Consider opting for one’s that have blades that retract, over the ones that fold. You can use your utility knife to cut floorpaper, drywall, and even plastic. It can also be used to shave wood as well as sharpen pencils. If you need to buy replacement blades, go for ones that are of Hu quality.

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6. Cutting Pliers 

If you do any kind of electrical work, then you’ll absolutely need this tool. You can also use cutting pliers to remove nails. Simply grab on to the nail using your plier, and move the nail back and forth. This will allow the nail to become loose and fall out.

7. Nail Set 

It goes without saying, but you should also have a set of nails as well. There are a lot of carpenters who opt to use nail guns these days, but the work done may not be perfect. You can also use nails to hold hinge pins, or to mark the point where you’ll start work. Each carpenter finds different used for nails, and they’re always handy to have around.

8. Pry Bar 

Sometimes, you may need to pry apart work you’ve already done. This could be due to a minor mistake. If you do a lot of trim carpentry work, then a pry bar will be especially useful to you.

9. Vice Grips 

Vice grips aren’t used directly for carpentry, but they can be used to repair the tools you use in carpentry. 

10. Screwdrivers 

Also on the list of essential tools that carpenters can’t do without, is screwdrivers. Sometimes you may need to install doorknobs or adjust the hardware of cabinets. If you have a multipurpose screwdriver, then you can change the tips as and when you need. You’ll find that this is an essential tool that carpenters simply can’t do without. 

11. Block Plane 

If you’re the kind of carpenter who does either trim carpentry or finish carpentry, then this will be an essential tool for you. You’ll need to use block planes to trim joints, ensure that sharp edges are eased  as well as to get rid of saw kerfs. 


Use this guide to learn about all the tools you need to succeed in your career as a carpenter. From screwdrivers to utility knives, this list contains all the essential tools you’ll need to succeed.