What Does Cremation Mean? This is the method and temperature needed so that it is odorless and dangerous

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The word cremation is currently often mentioned in the news since the second wave of Covid-19 attacks in India. 

There are currently mass cremations in India. This is because the facilities in this Hindu-majority country are no longer able to serve requests due to the large number of deaths due to Covid-19. What is cremation? Is there anyone who doesn’t understand?

Based on the language, the word cremation is taken from English, namely “cremate”. This word comes from the Latin “cremare” in the late 19th century which means to burn. The word cremate itself means the disposition of a person’s corpse by burning it to ashes, usually as part of a death ceremony.

Cremation is one way of handling corpses that is practiced in certain cultures. The body is not buried in the ground, but burned completely until the ashes are left from the bones. The ashes are then stored in a special place and given to the bereaved family members. Some families keep the ashes at home, some throw them somewhere. There are those who continue to pray in front of the ashes and pray for the deceased (ah), there are those who just put it at home without performing any rituals.

During the Cremation Near me process, the body of the corpse will be transformed into carbonic acid, water and ammonia quickly and safely. The human body that initially weighs ± 70kg will turn to ashes weighing around 2kg.

The required combustion temperature is above 1000° Celsius so that the gases produced are free from germs, odorless and harmless.

The combustion system can use wood, diesel, gas or electricity as fuel. Most of the cremation processes still use wood or diesel fuel with a simple burning engine. Cremation is currently carried out in a crematorium. A crematorium is a building used to serve requests for cremation of human remains. The crematorium has a tool or machine for burning human remains. The capacity of the machine in burning the corpse depends on the type of fuel used.