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AMARILLO, Texas (KAMR/KCIT) — Which pet vacuum is best for your home?

Although regular vacuums cover everyday household cleaning, if you have pets that shed, you likely need a specialized model. Pet vacuums are designed to offer deeper cleanings that lift hair, dander and other allergens from all floor types.

When it comes to choosing the right pet vacuum for your home, there are a few key features you should compare to narrow your options, such as specialized tools and headlights. No matter what you’re looking for in a pet vacuum — and no matter your budget — there’s one on the market that’s right for your home. 

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BestReviews’ Jacob Palmer joins Scott Moak to share the top pet vacuums we’ve tested in real-life testing environments: homes with cats and dogs.

What are pet vacuums?

While regular and pet vacuums are similar, pet vacuums have specialized features that target pet hair and dander. They typically have more powerful suction and come with cleaning tools, which combined, offer deeper and more comprehensive cleaning. More advanced pet vacuums are equipped with tangle-free brush rolls, filtration systems, LED headlights and breakaway handheld vacuums. 

Stick vacuums for pets

Stick vacuums continue to rise in popularity, particularly feature-rich models that offer convenience and efficiency. They’re suitable for everyday cleaning, including in homes with more than one level where portability is a concern. However, certain stick vacuums for pets may not be powerful enough for deeper cleanings given their compact, lightweight designs. 

Cordless stick vacuums for pets

Many stick vacuums for pets are cordless, such as the Dyson Torque V11. Depending on their designs, they either have rechargeable batteries or charging stations. Battery life varies considerably based on how high settings are while in use, and it typically ranges from 20 minutes to over an hour. Cordless stick vacuums are helpful for those who value portability, but because of their limited battery life, they may not be suitable for whole-house cleaning sessions. 

Upright pet vacuums

Upright pet vacuums have been around for years, but more recently, many models have been designed with advanced and intuitive features that boost their versatility. Certain models are bagless, and others have extra-large dustbins for less frequent emptying. Upright pet vacuums are also known for their suction, which is notably more powerful than that of stick vacuums. As a result, they’re generally preferred for heavy-duty, all-in-one cleaning. 

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Dyson V11 Torque Drive Cordless Stick Vacuum

The high-end Dyson V11 is touted as an intelligent and intuitive vacuum that optimizes suction based on floor type. It’s equipped with a whole-machine filtration system that captures dander, dust and other allergens. 

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Shark HV322 Rocket Pet Plus Corded Stick Vacuum

While it’s an affordable stick vacuum, the Shark Rocket Pet Plus is designed for easy, convenient floor cleaning. Not only does it have LED lights for improved visibility, the extra-large dustbin makes for less frequent emptying.

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Bissell CleanView Swivel Upright Pet Vacuum

When maneuverability is a top concern, opt for this Bissell — it has swivel steering that helps navigate furniture and other obstacles. It comes with the popular Pet TurboEraser tool that tackles hair in corners and other hard-to-reach areas. 

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Eureka FloorRover Bagless Upright Pet Vacuum

The FloorRover offers a deep cleaning every time with the powerful multi-cyclone system and HEPA filter. The pet vacuum has a 35-foot cord so you don’t have to unplug and replug every time you move rooms.  

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Hoover MaxLife Elite Swivel XL Pet Vacuum

This Hoover pet vacuum has the brand’s signature WindTunnel technology that lifts hair and dander from carpets with a flexible brush roll. The motor is up to 25% more powerful than previous models and offers more efficient deep cleaning. 

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Pullout: Many pet vacuums come with warranties, but you’ll need to register your purchase online through the manufacturer to take advantage of them.

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