Zelda’s Navi Flies In ACNH With Realistic Animated Player Design

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has designed a fully-animated Navi from The Legend of Zelda, which adds flying fairy magic to ACNH homes.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player has brought some Legend of Zelda magic to the game with their fully-animated flying Navi design. Thanks to the Happy Home Paradise DLC, users can unlock the polishing tool, which adds sparkles and even animated Animal Crossing fan designs to furniture and decorative items, including flames and ghosts.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ Happy Home Paradise DLC released alongside the 2.0 base game update in November, and serves as the game’s first and last paid DLC. The add-on puts players to work as a Happy Home Paradise Planner, creating and designing vacation homes for villagers and NPCs. As users progress through the story, additional features become available, including the ability to summon characters via amiibo cards, as well as the polishing tool. Polishing can add some unique and custom flair to any home design, and fans of the game have already devised fun and exciting Animal Crossing polishing tool creations.


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Redditor Rannilein34 has designed the perfect Animal Crossing addition for any Zelda fan with their recreation of Navi, Link’s fairy seen throughout the Legend of Zelda series. By using the creator’s design code, users can polish in-game items with the custom creation, which will give the illusion of having Navi flying around their furniture. Showing off their Navi floating around a Mush Lamp, the creator’s video highlights how the design adds a distinct Kokiri feel to any AC build. Fans can download Navi for themselves using code MO-904H-6W39-QGYT.

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The Legend of Zelda has provided lots of inspiration for ACNH players, with users recreating everything from Link’s heroic green outfit to BOTW‘s Tarrey Town in Animal Crossing. Breath of the Wild and Animal Crossing may be very different games, but the beautiful open-world setting of the former translates well to the latter, as do earlier games in the longstanding series, and there seems to be no shortage of Link, Zelda, and Ganon-inspired custom designs and islands within the ACNH community.

Many Animal Crossing players are still hoping for an official in-game crossover with the Zelda franchise. Previous titles in the series have introduced official LoZ items for players to purchase, something which could still happen in the future. While Nintendo has confirmed there will be no more substantial game updates for ACNH, smaller content drops and releases are still expected, and it’s very possible the two Nintendo games will collaborate in some form for the upcoming release of BOTW 2. Until then, users can add Zelda magic thanks to creators like Rannilein34.

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Source: Rannilein34/Reddit

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