Here’s How To Decorate Your Home-Based on What You Wear (or Would If You Could)

Think your home needs more style, but aren’t sure what to do? The problem may merely be that you haven’t found exactly which style of decor speaks to you.

From midcentury modern to maximalism to modern farmhouse, home design styles abound, but it’s not always easy to know which camp you fall into. Here’s one easy way to tell: Check what you’re wearing—or what you would wear if you had tons of cash to burn and swanky soirees on your schedule where you could flaunt your fancy duds.

Whether you gravitate toward Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Betsey Johnson, or others, there’s often a link between your favorite fashion apparel and the type of home you’d hope to have. So if you’re considering a rehab, turn to your closet for clues.

“They always say that if you wouldn’t wear it, you won’t put it in your living room,”

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How to Decorate Your Home in an Eco-Minded Way

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen
Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

From Veranda

Maybe you’ve swapped plastic bags for canvas at the farmers’ market, invested in a hybrid car, and even offset your carbon emissions when traveling. But how does it work to be more sustainable as you outfit a new home or refresh your current one? Thankfully, there are designers across the country making it infinitely easier to decorate your home in an eco-minded way than ever before.

Andee Hess, Oregon’s interior design darling for the state’s most prominent brands and residents (think: Stumptown Coffee and Fred Armistead of SNL and Portlandia fame) says growing up in the Pacific Northwest means sustainability is in her blood. But even if it’s not in yours, her talented, creative eye helps guide clients to a more eco-conscious way of designing.

“Being surrounded by green space and nature definitely has a direct impact on your desire to preserve and

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