10 tips for staging a home on a budget

Sellers have had a heyday in the housing market over the past couple of years—and for good reason. The demand for housing has been extremely high due to lower-than-average interest rates, which makes buying a home cheaper than ever. In most markets, homes are flying off the shelves, no matter their condition.

While selling a home is perhaps easier now than it would be in a normal market, it can still be well worth it to make sure you get the most return before listing it. To optimize chances of high-dollar offers and a quick sale, don’t just stop after adding new door handles and a coat of paint or fixing faulty sinks and toilet seals. For example, if you’re listing an older home, be sure that you’ve properly repaired the property to bring it up to code, and remedied issues that would turn off buyers. Whether there is a broken water heater, a leaky roof, or crumbling front stairs, most buyers will want these issues to be taken care of before making an offer on a home. 

In addition to taking care of the repairs, many sellers will opt to stage their homes with furniture and inspiring decor for open houses. Staging a home the right way can be an easy way to make it appeal to a wider pool of buyers—and can also increase your chances of getting an offer quickly after you list. You can hire professional staging companies, but if you’re on a budget—or if you’re just curious about some of their tricks of the trade—here are some recommendations to stage a home. To help you get started, Fund That Flip compiled a list of 10 ways to stage a home for sale that don’t break the bank, using research from movers, real estate agents, and home improvement experts. Here’s what you should know.


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