A Guide on How To Choose Solar Panels That Will Meet Your Energy Needs

A Beginners Guide to Choosing The Right Solar Panels – Nomadic Lifestyle  Magazine

What do you need to know before installing a solar panel system for your home?  Since solar panels have been on the increase in demand by homeowners who are worried about the ever-increasing electricity costs, there has also been a rise in the manufacturing of solar panels and their components.  Here’s a guide on how to choose solar panels that are best for your home:

Know the size of the solar panel system that you need

Before you determine the size of the solar panel system, you need to determine how much electricity you use, and when you use it.  One way to know your electrical usage is to consult your past 2 or 3 energy bills.

A typical home uses 20 kWh of energy a day so a 5 kW solar panel system will be sufficient to meet the daytime needs of that home.

The number of solar

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