Home design can help keep the peace during COVID-19 | Better Homes

FAIRWAY, KS (KCTV) — Out in public and inside your home, there is a renewed focus on cleanliness as the Coronavirus pandemic continues. But that’s far from the only change the COVID-19 has caused inside of your home.

Many major corporations have extended work from home orders into 2021, and school districts have made changes to digital learning schedules. In fact, many people may be feeling your “family time” may be at an all time high.  That does not mean it is all quality time.  Trends expert and style director for “Better Homes and Gardens”, Max Wilker, shares home design can lend a helping hand.

Wilker explains, create a space for “me time”.

“You can’t be focused on work all the time. Are you a crafter? A place to get away from that desk and focus on a craft… fill that area with a craft,” said Wilker. “Right now if

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