This family lost everything in Hurricane Katrina, and then moved into a tiny home

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In Dream Big, Live Small, we visit tiny home-dwellers, discovering why they choose to live this way, how they manage it and the possibilities to do things like travel, learn and grow that have resulted from downsizing so significantly. In the long run, living small is really about living big.

“Going tiny” — meaning selling almost everything you have to downsize and live in a tiny home — takes dedication and a minimalist mindset. But when disaster strikes, and you’re left with nothing, tiny living can be a relief.

When Hurricane Katrina struck Mississippi in 2005, the Parson family’s waterfront home was destroyed along with almost all

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How to Decorate Your Home in an Eco-Minded Way

Photo credit: Nicole Franzen
Photo credit: Nicole Franzen

From Veranda

Maybe you’ve swapped plastic bags for canvas at the farmers’ market, invested in a hybrid car, and even offset your carbon emissions when traveling. But how does it work to be more sustainable as you outfit a new home or refresh your current one? Thankfully, there are designers across the country making it infinitely easier to decorate your home in an eco-minded way than ever before.

Andee Hess, Oregon’s interior design darling for the state’s most prominent brands and residents (think: Stumptown Coffee and Fred Armistead of SNL and Portlandia fame) says growing up in the Pacific Northwest means sustainability is in her blood. But even if it’s not in yours, her talented, creative eye helps guide clients to a more eco-conscious way of designing.

“Being surrounded by green space and nature definitely has a direct impact on your desire to preserve and

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Porsche Design Made a Kitchen Knife That’s as Sharp as Your 911

What if your cutlery had all the precision of a 911? Porsche Designs’ latest release for the kitchen turns that proposal into a reality.

Dubbed the Universal Knife, this sleek blade certainly lives up to its all-encompassing name. Forged from pure Japanese 301 stainless steel, the entire utensil is molded from a single piece of metal for added durability and longevity with a razor-sharp edge. It skips the usual handle designs opting for a faceted ergonomic grip that helps make any prep work especially speedy (i.e., tomatoes will be split into neat slices rather than inadvertently crushed). And measuring 15.2cm (approximately 6 inches) in length, it can suit a wide array of tasks not to mention grip sizes.

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Its handling proves especially nimble not only because of its superb construction but because of one of the minds behind its creation. Jörg Wörther was an award-winning

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2022 Kia Stinger Reveals Its Updated Design Inside and Out

From Car and Driver

  • The Kia Stinger is getting an update, and we now know what its new styling will look like.
  • We also think it will receive updated powertrains, but Kia isn’t sharing details yet.
  • The refreshed Stinger is likely to arrive in the U.S. early next year as a 2022 model.

The Kia Stinger has been around long enough that it’s due for a mid-cycle update, and we now have photos of the updated 2022 model that should arrive in the U.S. next year. Its styling is slightly sharpened and we think the freshened design looks good inside and out.

Changes to the front end include new LED headlights, while the rear boasts a cool new taillight design that stretches the full width of the decklid. The turn signals’ LED elements are meant to look like a checkered flag. New 18- and 19-inch wheel designs are also on

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