‘Home Town’ Reveals the Biggest Mistake You Can Make in Your Yard

On HGTV’s “Home Town,” Erin and Ben Napier have made over many homes in Laurel, MS—but in the latest episode, things get awkward when they help a family member with (dare we say?) tacky tastes.

In the Season 5 episode “All in the Family,” the Napiers meet up with Erin’s uncle, Danny, to fix up his new house, a 1900s build that once belonged to another of Erin’s cousins, so this project really feels close to home.

However, the Napiers run into some trouble when it comes to Danny’s personal style. He loves big, over-the-top designs, so Erin and Ben need to find ways to tone down his outsized tastes so that his old home can feel timeless—all without going over the $130,000 budget.

Here’s how Erin and Ben find a style that works for Danny that’s not too ostentatious—a good reminder that there are plenty of ways

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