3 Inspiration for a minimalist open kitchen model that you can copy


For many people, cooking has become a relaxing activity. Cooking hobbies can be used as a creative way to manage stress, as well as produce food to eat with family and loved ones.

Just imagine, how fun would it be if cooking was done in a more fresh and supportive atmosphere like a minimalist open kitchen? While gazing at the open view, the results of cooking can be even more delicious. Come on, take a peek at the beautiful and refreshing minimalist open kitchen design from below!


More Cool with Neutral & Clean Colors

For a minimalist open kitchen design that is simple, but charming, you can choose neutral colors like the inspiration above. With an open concept, the kitchen will feel cooler and make you feel at home because of the supportive color choices.


For a clean impression, you can apply white wall paint in a minimalist open kitchen. After that, mix it with neutral colors that contrast with white like light brown. Now, if you want to make your kitchen more space-saving, aka save space, use a kitchen table and a multifunctional kitchen set equipped with shelves, cabinets, or drawers.


Minimalist Open Kitchen Plong Atmosphere

The advantage of a minimalist open kitchen is none other than the plong atmosphere that immediately welcomes the residents. For example, the minimalist open kitchen above feels lighter and makes cooking extra fun. With a space-saving natural Japanese style, this kitchen is also multifunctional with a large work area. By carrying out this concept, all you have to do is open the window, breathe fresh air, and enjoy the fun atmosphere in a minimalist open kitchen.


Modern Minimalist Open Kitchen Design

Want to upgrade the kitchen renovation reading at home to a minimalist open kitchen without major renovations? Of course, I can! All you need to do is add some window openings around the kitchen. That way, there will automatically be a fresher open kitchen impression. For example, the modern minimalist open kitchen design above!


This minimalist open kitchen design is dominated by wood elements, light gray exposed walls, and other natural elements. You can also apply a homey Japanese design style. Although the access to the open space is not too wide, the design of this kitchen still seems natural. Also add an open hanging shelf that is more multifunctional and space-saving.


Simple Minimalist, Modern Open Kitchen Design

If you have a kitchen room with an elongated shape, try emulating this minimalist open kitchen inspiration! By maximizing the space-saving and multifunctional wall section for kitchen cabinets, stoves, and dishwashers, this minimalist open kitchen design comes with a simple modern urban style. Supported by access to the outside, this minimalist open kitchen has the true definition of plong.