4 Important Roles and Benefits of Lawyer Legal Services for Individuals and Legal Entities

Legal Research Services - Importance and Benefits

Lawyers or advocates are professions that uphold law enforcement in the interests of clients, whether they are individuals, groups or legal entities that use their services. In carrying out his profession, a lawyer or advocate  can be said to be a noble and honorable profession ( Officium Nobile). Because in his work in addition to being a problem solver rather than a person, group or legal entity who is affected by the legal problem, he also directly fights for legal rights that should be obtained or received by the party who feels aggrieved from the legal problem.

At this time, whether it’s individuals, organizations, companies, schools, foundations, or small and medium business entrepreneurs (SMEs) and others, it’s very important to understand how important it is to have a lawyer who provides legal services and establishes a legal service partnership or retainer with the lawyer or advocate. The question is, is it important and useful to use legal services from a lawyer? the answer is very important, because having a permanent lawyer whether we are individuals, organizations, companies, schools, foundations or small and medium business entrepreneurs (SMEs) and others is to protect and guarantee all aspects of our law as legal subjects when carrying out activities.

And the following is a further explanation of the 4 Important Roles and Benefits of Lawyers’ Legal Services for Individuals and Legal Entities or in other words Establishing Legal Services Cooperation (Retainers) with Lawyers. Here’s the explanation:


1. Legal Opinion or Legal Opinion

Lawyers will provide Legal Opinions to Clients in terms of legal issues related to the Legal Problems they face. Examples in the World of Companies and/or Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) are such as giving legal opinions on Business Contracts, Agreements with Third Parties, Employment/Labor Issues, Analyzing ( Reviewing) Contracts or Business Agreements in a language that is easier for clients to understand, Drafting a Contract or Agreement required by the Client, Issues concerning Civil or criminal Law, as well as providing opinions or legal advice on the continuity of the Client’s business so that it remains in compliance with applicable law

2. Legal Assistance

Lawyers from quickdivorcenow.com will provide legal assistance to clients in each of their business activities or activities related to law against third parties, for example, such as:

a. Negotiation in terms of disputes that arise in legal matters obtained by clients concerning matters of civil law or criminal law.

b. Accompany the Client in the case of a Legal Action such as buying and selling movable and immovable goods so that all legal aspects are protected that will not harm the client in the future.

c. Take the necessary actions to prevent and/or recover losses, in the form of collection of Client’s Receivables and Assets ( Debt and Asset recovery ).

3. Legality and Licensing 

Ensure that the Legality and Licensing owned by the Client, especially a Company, are still valid and in accordance with applicable regulations, such as: Company Deeds, Decrees and Approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights (SK Menkumham), Letters Information on Domicile, Taxpayer Identification Number (NPWP), Trading Business License (SIUP), Company Registration Certificate (TDP), and Legality and Other Licensing;

4. Litigation

Lawyers or Advocates will provide Legal Assistance, assist and or represent Clients in handling Litigation cases involving Clients as Applicants, Respondents, Plaintiffs, Defendants, or Co-Defendants in Civil cases. And also in criminal cases involving clients either as witnesses, reporters, reported persons, suspects, or defendants. 


a. Lower costs, because you don’t have to pay every time you need legal services from a law office;

b. Your legal interests will be more secure, because with a permanent legal consultant, the law office will prioritize your legal handling; and

c. The existence of permanent legal consultants for individuals, as well as in organizations, companies, schools, foundations, or small and medium business entrepreneurs (SMEs) and others will increase your credibility in the eyes of consumers, colleagues and of course your relationships will also increase.

These are the important roles and benefits of lawyers’ legal services, both for individuals and legal entities, or in other words, establishing legal service partnerships (retainers) with lawyers. Of course the legal services provided by lawyers are very instrumental and useful, and usually the duration of the legal services varies, there are those who establish legal cooperation in legal service agreements per 6 (month) period, per 1 (one) year period., or per period of 2 (two) years and there is also a case that uses legal services from the lawyer or advocate. It depends on the agreement of both parties between the client and the lawyer or advocate who will provide legal services to the client.