5 Advantages of Buying an Apartment, Suitable for Living and Long-Term Property Investment

Many offers to buy houses and buy apartments, then you are confused which one to choose, still confused?

Actually, you don’t need to be confused if you already know the advantages and disadvantages of each. If you want to buy a landed house, of course you already know a series of advantages of housing such as type 36 houses. If you buy an apartment, what are the benefits? Of course, there are also many, especially complete facilities.

The property site damasturk.com will discuss the advantages of buying an apartment for housing and investment.

Advantages of Buying Apartments for Living and Property Investment

1. More Strategic Location

Apartment locations are usually more strategic than landed houses. Usually apartments are located in the city center, while landed houses are on the outskirts of the city.

The strategically located apartment is not only easy to reach, but also easier access to transportation.

If there is a lot of access, then the property investment value is higher. Why do urbanites choose to live in apartments?

Yes, partly because of its location, say it’s in a crowded point, close to offices, shopping centers, schools, or campuses.

2. Complete Facilities

Another advantage of buying an apartment, generally vertical housing provides complete facilities for its residents.

Usually it has been adapted to the urban lifestyle, such as swimming pools, gyms, sports clubs , cafes , minimarkets , malls, and adequate parking spaces.

If the facilities are complete, you can expect to get investment benefits from the apartment rental price and the resale price in the future.

3. It’s Easier If You Want To Rent

The apartment rental market share in urban areas is quite large, so it can bring passive income for you.

In addition, capital gains or profits from apartment unit prices tend to rise, you can earn a lot if you later sell them again.

Not only capturing the rental market for migrant workers or students in a city, there are also many expatriates who become apartment renters, so there are other advantages to buying apartments.

4. Practical Lifestyle

For people who are practical and like privacy, living in an apartment is more of an option than in a landed house.

Going anywhere doesn’t take long. Usually apartments are also integrated with malls, offices, public transportation facilities, and so on.

Security has been maintained, there are security guards and modern devices such as CCTV which monitors the security of the apartment for 24 hours.

5. Property Prices Continue to Increase

Another advantage of buying apartments is that vertical housing prices tend to rise faster than houses.

Moreover, if there are a number of infrastructure projects related to apartment projects, the price increase will certainly be faster.

So, those are some of the advantages of buying an apartment as a place to live and also a long-term property investment.