Animal Crossing Home Design Hides Speakeasy Bar In a Cafe

An Animal Crossing player has created a hidden Speakeasy, concealed within a cafe, using the game’s latest features and the Happy Home DLC.

A player of Animal Crossing: New Horizons has shared their impressive home design that hides a Speakeasy bar inside of a villager cafe. The clever design makes use of many of the new Animal Crossing features added in the free November 2.0 update, as well as the game’s paid Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Animal Crossing players have been using New Horizons to build and design their perfect islands since the title released last year, but the game’s latest big update and new DLC have added a plethora of new features and items to aid users in their creations. The Happy Home Paradise DLC is focused on designing and decorating, tasking players with creating vacation homes for their favourite villagers. As such, the DLC includes a host of new features to help creators, including the ability to change room sizes, add partitions, and hang lighting from the ceiling. The Animal Crossing DLC also has polishing, which can be used to make furniture sparkle, or to create custom animations.


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Redditor and AC fan MissKreuger shared their impressive hidden Speakeasy bar build to the Animal Crossing subreddit where it quickly amassed a lot of attention. The unique design, made in Happy Home Paradise, splits the building into an innocent cafe and unlawful bar with the help of a disguised wall partition. Sneaking behind the “back” of the cafe reveals a secret bar for adults to enjoy some 21-and-over beverages away from the watchful eyes of the Paradise Planning committee.

See the post on Reddit here.

The secret-concealing Animal Crossing design is only made possible by the game’s recent updates, not only the paid DLC, but also one key feature of the free 2.0 update. The update added the ability to navigate smaller, tighter areas, allowing players to step around closely-placed furniture within smaller builds or heavily-decorated areas. The feature may be a small one, but it’s a key element of MissKreuger’s build, with the Speakeasy nearly fully hidden from the cafe thanks to its tiny yet functional entrance.

MissKreuger’s incredible design is one of many now possible thanks to the recently-released content. Designing and creating has been a key feature of New Horizons, but a lack of items meant many needed to substitute items that weren’t available in the game. Along with the new Happy Home Paradise furniture and decor, players also have over 9,000 new Animal Crossing items included as part of the free 2.0 base game update, allowing for more creativity and ingenuity than ever before.

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Source: MissKreuger/Reddit

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