Recognised as the Miami of South Korea, Busan is renowned for its beach locations and mountains. When the structure group at Seoul-based Issue Much better Inside Design Studio (mttb) approached their assignment for a beach café in the city of Gijang-eup in the Busan Metropolitan Town area for a nearby manufacturer Off.O, they realized the scenery experienced to be the major attraction.

The composition housing the 589 sq.-metre (6,340 sq.ft) café on the weather conditions-overwhelmed, rugged beach front is tasteful in its reduced minimalist profile.

The café extends into a few different structures. The central entrance area residences a bakery and a coffee bar. Angled on both sides are two individual seating spots, each individual with incredible views of the seashore.

Minimalist black, white and pure slate hues dominate all three places with the bakery generally slate-grey and one particular of the seating places nearly absolutely black with extensive tables and lower-hanging lights. The over-all elongated, small-slung style and design language draws the eye to the home windows and to the rugged scenery outside the house.

The boxy condition of the buildings and the rigid designs of the home windows and lengthy tables are softened by rounded details, such as the hanging light fixtures, chair backs and the edges of the lower tables built of cumbersome, darkish slabs of wood.

With the dark minimalist interiors and the indoor pathways flanked by rock-loaded “wells” there is a definite Japanese sensibility to the seating parts. We appreciate the drama developed by letting the magnificent views dominate the rooms.

Issue Improved (mttb) was in charge of branding, thought style, schematic design, working drawings and style and design supervision of this task. Tuija Seipell

Visuals by: Yongjoon Choi


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