Get to know the Maine Coon Cat, Know the Characteristics and How to Take Care of It

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Cats are indeed one of the most loved pets by many people. Identical to the nature of being spoiled, making this one pet even more cute and adorable. No wonder many people choose him to be a friend at home.

As pets, cats have various types. One type of cat that is quite popular and in great demand is the Maine Coon cat. The Maine Coon cat is one of the Persian cat types which is called the largest species in the world. No wonder the Maine Coon cat is often dubbed a giant cat or giant cat.

In addition to its large body, there are several characteristics of the Maine Coon cat that are no less unique. Starting from the face shape that looks like a lion, thick fur, to a long tail. If you are a fan of cats with thick fur and large bodies, of course you will fall in love with this type of cat.

Despite having many unique and interesting characteristics, this Maine Coon cat requires different care from other types of cat. One of them you need to provide consumption of foods with high nutrients to meet their large energy needs. These foods need to include several ingredients such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. All you can get in

Its uniqueness is the result of a cross between a short-haired cat and a long-haired cat. Due to its unique shape, there is a myth that the Maine Coon cat is the result of a cross between a French queen’s pet cat and a poison animal.

It is thought that the Maine Coon cat was a cross between a Turkish Angora cat brought by British traders to America with a Norwegian forest cat brought by the Vikings.


Maine Coon cats are active and independent and like to seek human attention. Its large body makes it easy. But somewhat different from other breeds of cat. The Maine Coon doesn’t like heights and prefers water.


The maine coon cat characters include the following.

Can Swim

Supported by its thick and water-resistant fur, Maine Coon cats actually like to play in water.

Attention Thirst

This giant cat is also spoiled and likes to ask for human attention with various behaviors, such as blocking while watching TV, or sitting on a book that is being read and so on.

Don’t Like Climbing

Unlike other types of cat, Maine Coon does not like heights.

Maine Coon Cat Characteristics

Maine coon cats are characterized by their large body that is nicknamed a giant cat, and also large eyes, large paws and palms with six fingers, a unique head and nose, and thick soft fur and a feather-like tail.

Maine Coon Cat Size

Maine Coons are the largest of all domestic cat breeds. Even the weight can reach up to 15 kilograms.

The average female cat weighs about 4 kg to 6 kg and the male weighs about 6 kg to 9 kg, and can reach 1 meter in height. It takes more than 3 years to reach adulthood.

Characteristics of Real Maine Coon Cats

The characteristics of the Original Maine Coon Cat, among others, have 6 fingers, and a medium and wide head with a slightly curved forehead and prominent cheekbones. Then big-eyed with an oval shape.