How to choose Wall Wallpaper, Let’s Follow!

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Wall wallpaper has almost the same function as paint the walls of your home, namely coating the surface of the wall and making it more attractive. With almost the same function, how to choose wall wallpaper is not much different from choosing the paint color to use. Instead of being beautiful, residential walls can be even worse if you choose the wrong wallpaper.

Here are some ways to choose the best wallpaper that can be practiced before you go to the store to “hunt” for wallpaper from .

Check the condition of the walls of the house

The first thing to do is to examine the condition of the walls of the house; Pay attention to any imperfections in the wall area – such as small cracks or bumps that don’t go away even after painting. If the walls have enough imperfections, then wallpaper with detailed patterns or textures on the surface is the best choice. The texture on the surface of this wallpaper will later be able to hide the imperfections of the walls.

Pay attention to room lighting

Just like when choosing wall paint, how to choose a good wall wallpaper must pay attention to lighting because everything will affect the mood and refracted light in the room. Wallpaper with dark colors will absorb light, and vice versa. Not only the color, the texture on the surface of the wallpaper also has an effect. Compared to wallpaper with a textured surface, wallpaper with a smooth surface is the most appropriate choice if you want the room to appear brighter. This is because a smooth surface reflects light better than wallpaper with a textured surface.

Pay attention to the mood

How to choose the next room wallpaper is to determine the mood you want to wake up in. This one thing is still related to choosing the color of the wallpaper you want! If you want to create a calm atmosphere, then soft colors are the best choice. To create a fresh feel, cool-tone colors like blue or green are the ones you should choose. To create a warm feel, red, yellow and orange tones are the best.

Choose the right pattern

Not only color, wall wallpaper must also have a pattern or image motif on the surface. The choice of variants also varies in number, make sure you adjust all of them to the style or style you want to build. Pattern Vertical will make the room feel taller and pattern that will make the room narrow horizontal noticeably wider. Pattern sized collected with dramatic color will show formal impression. While the pattern with a smaller size and neatly arranged will give the impression of fun and bright .

That was how to choose a wall Silk wallpaper that can be used as a reference before you start pasting wallpaper. But there is still one more thing that is most important to remember, be sure to determine in advance which room will be wallpapered. It is important to remember that rooms with high humidity levels should not be wallpapered as they will peel off quickly. Also make sure to measure the size of the room carefully and thoroughly so that you can buy wallpaper with the right size to be more efficient.

You can also combine pattern wallpapers if you want to add a cheerful and different atmosphere. But remember to do the fusion wisely by paying attention to the harmony of the room to get a smooth and cool overall result . Happy creative.