As a modern house owner, the key item that increases the beauty of your room is a glass tabletop. Be it a commercial house or a business room, glass is one of the most demanding and modern materials for any tabletop. Being the owner of a glass tabletop, the fear of scratching or damaging your precious glass tabletop never goes.

But with some of our gathered tips and tricks, you can
protect your sentimental glass piece and elongate its life that is so precious
to you.

Use Rubber

Using rubber bumpers is a perfect choice for securing your glass top in its place. Rubber bumpers secure your table top glass from sliding off of its base. They come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. If your glass tabletop is transparent, you can opt for a transparent rubber bumper, and you can opt for colored ones depending upon the base color and your requirement. 

Mats, and Coasters

Do not put any harsh items directly on your glass tabletop. If you are serving drinks, either hot or not, use coasters underneath. This will not only save your glass tabletop from getting scratched or cracked, but it will also accentuate your aesthetics.

In your dining area, use a stylish table runner, mat, or tablecloth mindfully, as it can add a luxurious feeling to the whole room. Moreover, it will serve you the main purpose, which is protecting from staining or scratching your glass tabletop surface without being old-fashioned.

Protect from
Extreme Weather conditions (Especially in outdoor glass table tops)

Keep your glass away from areas where it can be hit by any heavy item. Use high-quality glass like tempered glass as your tabletop. Tempered glass will minimize the chances of breaking because of any varying weather conditions. Tempered glass is a lot stronger than any ordinary glass, but this never means that heavy impacts will not crack or damage your tempered glass tabletop.

In case of any extreme weather such as hail storm, freezing
cycle, or extreme gusts of wind, just like any other item, do not leave your
table outside.


Finally cleaning is one of the important steps to protect your glass tabletop. Fine particles in the dust, if left unwiped, can easily scratch the glass surface. More importantly, people living in regions that are very prone to winds have to be very mindful about regular cleaning of their glass pieces. People living in a non-windy area can clean their glass tabletop once in 2 days.

Use a microfiber duster with glass cleaner spray to wipe out
all the sticky spots and stains from your glass surface, leaving you a
streak-free surface. Avoid using any kind of glass cleaning sprays which has
acid and ammonia in them.

In case of any spills, immediately wipe the surface before it dries out. This practice will elongate the life of your glass tabletop.


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