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MIRANDA, New South Wales, April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hudstone Home is an eco-friendly cleaning product company based in Australia. As part of their commitment to protecting the environment, they are today delighted to announce the sponsorship of The Reef Restoration Foundation, a not-for-profit social enterprise committed to regenerating and preserving the Great Barrier Reef.

The sponsorship will see dedicate a portion of each eco-friendly cleaning product sale to the foundation; supporting their mission to address the coral bleaching across the Great Barrier Reef, regenerate damaged reefs and educate the public on how they can play their part in saving this globally-significant habitat.

Hudstone Home’s cleaning products do not use harmful chemicals or unnecessary plastics that can damage reefs. They believe that through sponsorship, support and advocation of The Reef Restoration Foundation, they can be part of a working solution. This includes encouraging the public to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products and championing the regeneration and preservation of the planet’s largest living organism.

Below, we outline the sponsorship from and detail the current dangers faced by The Great Barrier Reef:

 “The way you do your laundry could help save the Great Barrier Reef” – Steve Davis, co-founder of Hudstone Home

Hudstone Home have already begun their sponsorship of The Reef Regeneration Foundation by dedicating a portion of profits from each eco-friendly cleaning product sale to the social enterprise. To further champion this initiative and the work of the foundation, they have created a new campaign called “Could doing your laundry help save The Great Barrier Reef? This eco-friendly Aussie cleaning brand say yes!”

The campaign will aim to highlight the affect that many supermarket brand cleaning products are having on the Great Barrier Reef, as a result of the harmful chemicals and unnecessary plastics used in the manufacturing process. They believe that everyone has a responsibility to protect the planet and its resources and are actively encouraging fellow Aussies to do their bit in preserving the reefs by switching to eco-friendly cleaning products, such as Hudstone Home’s washing powders.

Steve and Liz Davis, co-founders of, are excited about the new partnership. “Our lives are health focused, that’s why our products are fragrance free, contain no toxic chemicals and are grey-water safe. Customer satisfaction is something we take very seriously. By supporting us, not only are you buying Aussie made and owned, but you’re also helping to regenerate our Great Barrier Reef by planting baby corals.”

How can the sponsorship help The Reef Regeneration Foundation mitigate and navigate the dangers faced by the Great Barrier Reef?

The Great Barrier Reef has enormous worldwide value, as our planet’s largest living organism and a barometer of global environmental well-being. It holds significant cultural significance for Indigenous Australians, who belong to one of the world’s oldest extant civilizations. The Great Barrier Reef also contributes significantly to Australia’s economy through direct employment of more than 64,000 people.

The reef is in danger due to human activity such as pollution, overfishing and climate change. These activities have caused numerous problems including coral bleaching, which is when the corals lose their colour and eventually die.

Social enterprises, such as The Reef Restoration Foundation Australia, and eco-friendly brands, such as Hudstone Home, are committed to addressing these issues. Through sponsorship programs like this, not only can the cause by supported financially, but more can be done to inform the Australian public on the dangers the Great Barrier Reef is facing and get widespread buy-in to help to preserve and save the reefs.

How to support the regeneration and preservation of The Great Barrier Reef:

Hudstone Home are encouraging Australian’s to challenge harmful supermarket brands and make the switch to their safe and environmentally friendly laundry and cleaning products. Although the reefs face many dangers, they believe that a shift to eco-friendly cleaning products could have a dramatic and positive influence on the future of the reefs.

The eco-friendly brand, in partnership with The Reef Regeneration Foundation, are also encouraging Aussies to learn more about the dangers facing the reefs and corals, and to support the fantastic regeneration work already underway.

To learn more about these eco-friendly products, The Reef Regeneration Foundation and how you can play your part, visit: or their Instagram @hudstone_home

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