Orangeburg County residents cleaning up storm damage


According to Orangeburg County’s Office of Emergency Services, 14 homes were damaged, and at least one home was destroyed.

ORANGEBURG COUNTY, S.C. — In parts of Orangeburg County, residents are cleaning up damage left behind by storms that moved through the area Tuesday night. 

Residents awakened to fallen trees and debris in neighborhoods across the county.

“All of a sudden, it come across my cell phone that it was warning, tornado warning, and I was frantic. I was scared, I really was,” said Tammy Jackson.

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Jackson has lived in Branchville for 8 years. She says she is grateful the storms in the area weren’t worse.

“There was nothing. Just a few tree limbs in the yard. But other than that, that’s all it was,” she said.

Other communities in the neighboring town of Rowesville, along Cattle Creek Road, experienced some of the worst damage in the county. Neighbors lent a helping hand to each other on Wednesday to clean up storm debris from their yards.

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According to the Orangeburg County Office of Emergency Services, there were 14 homes damaged. At least one home was destroyed. Director Bill Staley says that home was off of Rowesville Road, going toward Branchville. He says most of the damage was minor.

Looking ahead, Jackson says she doesn’t know what the future will hold, but she’s counting her blessings. “I’m just glad that we’re safe,” she said.

Orangeburg County’s Office of Emergency Services is still assessing all the damage. It reports there were no storm-related injuries.

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