Outdoor Misting Systems Encourage Workplace Health

Outdoor Misting Systems Encourage Workplace Health

There are many known benefits for employees that take their breaks outdoors. Taking a walk, allowing the mind to reset, or finding a quiet space to collect one’s thoughts can be just the recharge an employee needs to be productive as well as satisfied with their work environment. Promoting time spent outdoors has been shown to improve concentration, improve short-term memory and reduce brain fog. Research has shown that spending time outside improves overall long-term health, while getting a splash of the sunshine can put a person in a better mood. Happy people make for happy, productive employees.

Creating a Sunny & Social Spot
One simple way to motivate employees to get more outdoor time (and come back after a break with more energy and a positive attitude) is to build a functional space where employees can gather to socialize as well as provide for a space for peaceful reflection. Ample seating with touches of nature such as planters with greenery or a water feature further enhance the overall ambiance.

Companies that create a clean, inviting, and comfortable space for employees to take breaks are being looked to as modern and empathetic businesses that place a high value on a person’s mental and physical health. Their efforts are also being lauded as providing an oft overlooked perk at a time when recruitment and employee retention is a concern.

Outdoor Misting Systems… An Instrument of Wellness
What?  An outdoor misting system is an instrument of wellness? If such a system encourages people to get some Vitamin D and spend a few healthy breaths outside…then yes, yes it is!!  Being cooped up in a cube unit or being stuck on an intense phone call for much of a day, can take a toll on a person’s mental and physical health. Having the flexibility to take breaks as personally necessary allows a person to grab some fresh air, have a change of scenery, and absorb the benefits of being outside. In some warmer locations, grabbing some rays at lunchtime isn’t always an option. If it’s too hot, employees are more likely to stay indoors, and this trend can lead to lower morale or illness.

Koolfog to the Rescue!
Koolfog outdoor misting systems enhance patios, terraces, and atrium spaces so that guests can enjoy their time outside…despite the heat. Koolfog uses high pressure misting pumps to strategically position misting nozzles around an area to lower the ambient temperature so that guests feel cool and comfortable. Koolfog outdoor misting systems can be found around the world in special effects theme parks, sculptural fountains, greenhouses, hotels, residential homes and more. There is, also, a growing trend for traditional businesses, such as medical, finance and high tech, to incorporate outdoor misting systems into their open-air spaces in office complexes, business centers, medical buildings, hospital campuses, and retreat environments to offer employees a healthy perk and a unique place to chill.

Interesting Ideas:

The National Federation of Independent Business has outlined four great benefits of taking work breaks outside: https://efr.org/2020/11/06/outside-break-benefits/

  1. Take a walk. Studies show it can boost creativity.
  2. Immerse yourself in a natural environment for a short time such as a park or preserve. Interacting with nature can enhance cognitive function.
  3. Going outside improves concentration.
  4. Spending time in the sun can lift the spirit.

To learn about how to create a cool and comfortable outdoor space with Koolfog outdoor misting systems, please go to www.koolfog.com.








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