The Link Up: Em’s Important Book Rec, A Minimal Yet Classic Water Glass, And The Fashion Trend We Never Thought We’d Wear Again


We know that a lot of you expected an immediate response after Roe v Wade was overturned. And while we understand and appreciate that expectation, we weren’t ready beyond what Emily was able to repost on Instagram. We are a team of women, with a vast array of our own experiences, who support a woman’s right to choose whatever she thinks is best for her and her body. If you are looking to put your anger into action, check out Abortion Funds. It’s an incredible network of over 90 grassroots organizations that give aid to women needing help. While our team still lives in states that protect a woman’s right over her own body, far too many women are now left with nothing but organizations like these. We need to be there for and protect all women.

But as we’ve said before, this is also a place for mini escapes so here are this week’s links…

This week’s home tour is from the new digital issue of Domino. First off, there are a ton of incredible homes and you should go check out all of them. This home, in particular, designed by Emily Ward of Pierce & Ward (an EHD favorite), is just filled with all the things we love – SO much wood, texture for days, a ton of vintage, and endless soul. It’s not to be missed!

From Emily: Hi 🙂 Today I want to recommend you to buy this book, based on this essay) – It’s the most compelling argument on abortion ever. Gabrielle Blair is a Mormon mom of 6, OG blogger, and a total unapologetic feminist who I have admired for 12 years. A few years ago she wrote a Twitter thread about abortion that I have posted and reposted and reposted because it’s a rethinking and reframing of a polarizing issue that I find very aligned with, despite not being a current member of the church myself. She has flipped the conversation to talk about men’s role and responsibility in pregnancy using science and data. Despite your views on abortion, I think you’ll agree with her points (it’s not perfect, FYI). While I doubt that our government will ever hold men as accountable for the prevention of unwanted pregnancies as women are (because our country is run by men that generally don’t want the government anywhere near their tiny little parts), I think her argument is unifying amongst women whether you are pro-choice or anti-abortion. I think we all agree it takes TWO to get a woman pregnant and men should be educated and be held more responsible for preventing an unwanted pregnancy. Full stop. Of course, I believe in the women’s right to choose anything with their body, duh, and at the same time I think it’s important to go up river and talk/think more about prevention. I honestly can’t get into it right now as it’s a 7-page personal essay I’ve written and re-written over the last four years. Trust me I have thoughts, but for now – just buy this book and read this thread. We need more voices and thinkers like her in this country. I haven’t read this book yet (as it’s in pre-order) but you bet that Charlie will when it’s time (and so will Birdie).

From Caitlin: I would like to formally apologize to Jess, EHD’s resident Spindrift enthusiast, because I have been sleeping on her recommendation for WAY too long!!! Last week I grabbed a pack of the Pineapple Sparkling Water – I’m currently making a very concerted effort to drink more liquids (of all kinds!) because according to my doctor, I am “alarmingly dehydrated” – and I took one sip before being like, “HOLY @#$!, this is literally 15 calorie carbonated juice!!!” I’ve never been a big sparkling water gal because the whole flavor profile has been pretty disappointing to me – not super interested in canned water that just tastes like it was transported a truck *near* a lime, you know? – but this stuff tastes like legit PINEAPPLE. Cannot recommend more highly, especially as we head into outdoor summer happenings (it would be an INCREDIBLE mixer). What flavor should I grab next?

via etsy

Aimee Song’s Etsy collab might be our favorite yet! It’s elegant but cool and obviously, extremely stylish. We love this candle holder, this personalized necklace, this mug, this throw, we could go on but you need to go see for yourself:)

Also From Caitlin: This week I left the house to go on a walk in shorts without applying my Thigh Rescue and lemme tell y’all – I WILL NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. (I have the full-size version at home, but I also keep a mini stick in my backpack and in my tote bag – there are discounted sets if you want to get both sizes, too!) I know I’ve recommended it before, but it’s truly made me feel so much more comfortable for the last few summers!!! A few other Megababe hot weather essentials that I regularly purchase and wholeheartedly endorse: the smoothie deodorant, the green deodorant (I alternate between the two – both are all-natural and they smell AWESOME), the odor-killing charcoal soap, and the anti-sweat powder (I love this applicator buuuut I usually buy this bigger bottle because I love it. There’s no talc in it, either!) PS. I have gone from someone who HATES summer to someone who can tolerate summer – like, THAT’S HOW BIG OF A DIFFERENCE these products have made. They deserve all the hype they get and then more. 100000000/10.

Also Also From Caitlin: Omg I ordered the ta3 swimsuit em recommended on Sunday and had it overnighted because I forgot to pack one HOLY CRAP please remind me to take a pic at the beach because it RULES!! 10/10 recommendation.

From Ryann: “I have been meaning to get a set of solid glass tumblers for a while” is exactly what I told myself as I was strolling through Target and happened upon these. It took me about .2 seconds to pick them up and put them in my cart because 6 glasses for $12 is a great deal and they are the exact width and height I’ve been looking for. They are perfect for my iced coffee in the morning and even better for a hefty cocktail in the evening:)

Also From Ryann: Even though I have always been a fidgety person, I have never tried any of the little fidget spinner-type gadgets to try and relieve the constant need to be doing something with my hands. But this year for my birthday my sister-in-law gifted me acupressure rings and now I have them on me everywhere I go. You move them up and down your fingers to help relieve stress and tension and they simply give me something to do with my hands when I am feeling anxious. I especially like to use them at night while watching TV or a movie as a way to wind down after a long day (they help me stay off my phone at night, too). If you or someone you know has anxiety or experiencing high stress I highly recommend!!

From Jess: Y’all SKORTS are back! Yes, you read that correctly. As a former private school kid, where skorts were our school’s answer to “modesty,” never did I ever think I would buy one in my adulthood. “Burn them” was my first thought when I graduated (don’t worry I didn’t actually burn my clothes. I’m sure they were donated). But skorts are everywhere now! The good news is that they come in both “skirt in the front, shorts in the back” and “little shorts under a skirt”…the latter being my preference. Anyway, I bought this cutie for my east coast trip this week since I realized I don’t have enough clothes to deal with that heat AND humidity for 12 days. Originally I wanted the other colorway but once I tried the brown/purple option I was shockingly into it. It’s super cute and super comfortable! P.S. If you go to the site and see a wraparound string I took mine off. I didn’t love that part and it’s not necessary.

Also From Jess: Not that I’m surprised but I LOVED the new Father of the Bride on HBO Max. I’m a real sap so I absolutely cried happy tears…a few times. GO WATCH IT NOW.

From Mallory: This is the shirt I’m wearing all summer…it’s SO comfortable & lightweight (even though it is a knit material). I find it so soft and breathable, plus it fits me SO well (I love that it comes in tighter at the bottom). For only $30 I’ve already certainly gotten my money’s worth out of it but I’ll definitely be wearing it even more the rest of the summer…I’m constantly grabbing for it. 10/10

Check on the women in your life, love each other hard, and see y’all tomorrow!

Opening Image Credits: Design by Emily Ward | Styled by Kendra Smoot | Photo by Seth Smoot | via Domino

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