Why Do You Need to Consider Floor Insulation?

Insulating a floor means adding an insulating material beneath the floorboards, reducing heat escaping through the floor into the ground. Approximately 15% of heat is lost from a house via this route. Insulation also acts to prevent draughts from coming up through the floorboards. Besides, the household should also consider insulating the gaps between the skirting boards and the floor, which also reduces draughts.

Floor insulation is most commonly done when putting a new floor in place. Still, most floors can be retrofitted with an insulating material, and this will make a massive saving to your overall heating bill. Depending on how confident you are with DIY, it is possible to install floor insulation yourself if you have the equipment, skills and experience.

Floor insulation Benefits:

  1. Filling the gap between the skirting boards and the floor can save about $35, recouped within the year (assuming a $25 material cost).
  2. Since
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