The advantages of a heat pump water heater over conventional water heaters

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As stated above, the main reason why many people choose a product is usually because of the low price and good quality in addition to saving power. Because the lower the power required to run this water heater, the more efficient it will be in the short term or long term.

Very efficient

It’s no secret that the water heater pump is 3 times more efficient than conventional water heaters that use electricity or gas. In fact, the heat pump water heater is also said to be much more efficient than the solar water heater.

To find out more about the efficiency level of this alternative water heater, you can see the points below.

  • Water heaters are 75% more efficient than electric water heaters
  • 60% more efficient than gas water heater
  • 40% more efficient than solar water heater
  • Easy installation process

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