Tour a Seemingly Traditional Houston Home Where High-Contrast Design Rules

The next time you walk through a friend’s home, do a quick visual sweep. Is it monochromatic, done in varying shades of beige, white, or blue? Houston-based interior designer Lucinda Loya believes that once you’re aware, you’ll notice the ubiquity of uniformity. “You’ll start to see that a lot of projects lack contrast,” the decorator insists. “So I always put some black and some white in every room to provide a visual point of reference—from no color to absolute color. I call it the ‘equilibrium of interiors.’”

For a successful Houston tech executive and a jewelry designer, plus their three children, Loya took that continuum of color to the extreme. Anchoring every room in black and white—perhaps a curtain, a trim, or a tile pattern—the designer then layered on patterns and rich hues that remain warm and dense without overpowering any space. “Everything that went in had something of interest,

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