5 Tips to Save Money on Garage Door Repair

The repair of a garage door and its costs can be reduced by assessing some symptoms that will help you identify problems before they become unsolvable. We are going to provide you with some basic tips, with which you can save on repair costs. Or you can just call the expert in The Garage Door Repairs Cape Town.

  1. Choosing a quality garage door is the best investment

As the old saying goes: prevention is better than cure. In fact, if you choose a good quality garage door and the installation is done by professionals, we can assure you that the useful life of your door will multiply. The quality garage doors being designed today are built to last.

However, it is not realistic to think that over a period of 10 years, no breakage will occur in your garage door. That is why it is important to ask questions about the components of the door: the hardware, for example, and its thickness.

The thickness of the door should also be examined. Ask what type of insulation is used to make the door and its different sections. If you have a double garage door, does the thickness of the door play a role? All these questions will help you determine to what extent your garage door is designed with quality products that do not harm the environment and that will have a long and trouble-free life.

  1. Perform regular maintenance on your garage door

Like all other components in your home, your garage door requires attention and care of its components. In fact, by performing regular maintenance, you reduce the risk of premature breakage. If your garage door is new and you use it normally, you shouldn’t start to have problems for the first few years. However, there may be a problem before this time. We cannot assure you that unforeseen incidents will occur! In this case, if for example, you hear suspicious noises, it is recommended that a specialist check your garage door.

If your garage door is more than two years old, it is recommended that you adhere to a maintenance program within 12 months of purchase to allow it to remain safe and in good condition at all times. This is offered by most garage door professionals. Typically, it includes 26 checkpoints, adjustment, and lubrication.

Before this adjustment, it is recommended to lubricate certain moving parts. In addition, the parts of the hardware that rub against each other, such as springs, wheels and hinges, should be checked. Another tip: remember to lubricate the weatherstripping on the outer frame. To do this, use a silicone-based lubricant.

  1. Invest in door maintenance

Many homeowners tend to put off repairs that may seem trivial at the time but, if left untreated, can turn into bigger problems. For example, the main reason garage door owners call for a service call is because of the spring system.

When they break or have problems and no longer serve their purpose, the springs, which play a crucial role in the proper functioning of your garage door, can make a strange noise. This is why you shouldn’t wait when you hear a suspicious noise. Contact a garage door specialist before the situation worsens.

  1. Solve the garage door problem with professional help

In an effort to save money, many homeowners try to repair their garage doors on their own. We do not recommend proceeding in this way. In fact, while it is possible to avoid surprises by regularly inspecting and maintaining your garage door, it is not recommended that you do the repairs yourself.

Remember that your garage door system (springs, cables and drum) is under high stress; therefore, you could be injured if you try to replace one of its components (cable or spring) yourself. The tension of your garage door depends on the total weight of its components. In general, the latter varies between 60 and 180 kilos.

  1. Hire the best garage door repair professionals

It may sound cliché, but choosing the best garage door company is important. It is better to pay more to have the best garage door and in the best security conditions, than to pay less and have to invest money later. Cheap is expensive in some investments. Saving on the security of an access staple is not a good idea.

In the market there are many companies that manage the repair and maintenance of garage doors. However, not all of these companies are qualified to offer a good service. Always choose the one that offers you a quality service and an adjusted price based on the characteristics of the repairs and maintenance that you require.