8 ways to attract international real estate clients

Real estate agents live by attracting clients. What other economic source could they drink from? They need to scrutinize the market, search every nook and cranny with a magnifying glass, not leave a phone number without a call. When you are a newcomer, the recruitment techniques and persuasive weapons that brokers use seem like strategies that are somewhat difficult to apply. But as time goes by, and as it happens in many other facets of life, the experience makes everything absorbed with amazing ease. With practice everything is achieved. Sometimes gradually, but it ends up being achieved. And the methods for capturing a certain audience in the real estate industry must be learned. For this reason, if you have just started a career in the real estate sector and need private classes to know what the secrets are to obtaining a good portfolio of clients, iCasas becomes one of the best allies you could have. Because we care about your future, although we are convinced that it will be full of successes.

If you want to deploy the magic necessary for potential buyers to use your services as if you were the real estate messiah, we give you the following tips:

  1. Convincing in your office

If a client goes to your agency’s office, it will be because he is willing to listen to offers. So better for you, because you already have part of the work done. He is a person looking for something. In that case, the advantage you have as a professional is enormous, since the client enters your facilities so that you offer your services. That’s when all you have to do is show the list of options that best suits your needs.

  1. Establish telephone contact

The basic working tool for a real estate broker is his phone. Calls are synonymous with a highly exploited traditional method of attracting customers. It is a way to expand your database frequently, a way to fill your calendar with names of potential buyers. When trying to convince, it is recommended to present a clear and concrete speech over the phone. Something that will denote your clarity of ideas.

  1. Presence in real estate portals

Having a website is essential, but not enough. Social networks, although they have been gaining enormous strength in recent years, are not enough to achieve the desired impact. If you intend to increase your number of clients, you must have an almost mandatory presence on real estate portals. Ads positioned on these platforms can land the desired buyer prospect. Each click will come from a person looking for precisely the type of property you offer. Therefore, the profile of the consumer will probably be ideal. 

  1. Have website

Publicizing your services means investing in a website. And in order to build your own website, it is only necessary to buy a host. Once you have created it, the site should include your basic contact information along with the services you offer. A simple and attractive template will help you attract interested eyes to your agency. Click here and check Real estate leads list.

  1. Use of blogs and social networks

An economical alternative where they exist. Creating a blog, a fanpage or a twitter account is an optimal procedure to attract clients. Inviting your friends to see the profile of your agency will help you increase your contacts. It will help people interested in your business get to know you. To ensure a constant flow of users, you must generate attractive content and publish the new properties that you are promoting.

  1. Go to real estate fairs

The audience for real estate fairs is varied. They are attended not only by people related to the real estate industry, because sometimes those who are looking for an agency that meets their expectations also attend. Moment in which you can make use of your sales knowledge. If you detect that someone is asking for residences in an area where you operate, do not hesitate to approach and offer advice. Briefly approach him and present him with a business card.

  1. Learn to listen

Displaying your property list should not be the first step you take; Hitting the verbiage without warning shouldn’t be your first approach maneuver either. Read the following verb carefully and apply it to your work: LISTEN. This is one of the techniques that will serve you the most as a real estate agent, so you will know what the client’s needs are. Once your concerns and preferences have been analyzed, you will be able to present the portfolio of homes that best suits your tastes and budget. The agent who listens the most to his clients is always the best recom