Shark Tank-backed home gym gets you in shape this summer

We’ve all become much more used to working out at home. Of course, gyms have reopened and it’s possible to do our workouts in that communal setting once again, but public gyms don’t offer the one thing that’s best about exercising at home–the convenience of having everything right there in your home, ready to use. Setting up a home gym doesn’t need to be difficult if you know what you need to add. And with your own gym, you can build your equipment collection to match your exercise and fitness goals, rather than adapting your routine to the available equipment.

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Right now, you can get the Terra-Core Fitness Home Gym on sale for a reduced price of $179.99, at a discount of 10% off the original price of $199. Add this useful and adaptable equipment to your home gym and make working out at home even more convenient and comfortable.

As featured on Shark Tank, the Terra-Core includes everything to do with training and strengthening your body. It can be used to train your body in balance, and also operates as a fully functional bench, perfect for pairing with dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRX, and all other fitness accessories. The reverse side features push-up hands and a range of other activities to build your agility and your balance. It’s also designed to make crunches and planks simpler, and build abdominal, shoulder, and leg muscles in a much easier way in your own home. The Terra-Core has a high rating from previous purchasers of 4.7 stars out of five on Amazon, so you know you’ll easily improve your workout routine at home.

Hit your fitness goals this summer with the Terra-Core Fitness Home Gym, now on sale for $179.99, at $20 off the MSRP of $199.

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