DIY with old fruit and wine boxes! How it all started!

Clever DIY Ideas to recycle old wine boxes | My desired home


In our online shop you can find many wooden boxes and crates in different variations from different areas in Germany and abroad. It all started very small as a hobby and what developed from it was never to be expected. In the first few weeks we only sold some of our own old apple crates from the farm. We now have the largest range of old fruit and wine boxes in Germany. If you need more wooden boxes, click here

You run a small fruit farm in the largest fruit-growing area in Germany. The small boxes have not been needed for their original task of storing fruit for many years. In the meantime, large boxes with a capacity of 300kg are used almost exclusively for harvest and storage. This simplified the harvest process and, last but not least, reduced the physical strain. Since then, the small boxes … Read More