Turn your backyard into a bonafide oasis with the best garden furniture of 2021

Best Outdoor Garden Furniture to Buy in 2021 | Best Buys

We may only have a few months of stunning English summertime weather, but you better believe we’re going to be making the most of every second of it. That means plenty of picnics, alfresco happy hours and BBQ meals will be had this season.

The key to all of these summertime gatherings (aside from good company) is the right seating. And instead of just laying out a picnic blanket, why not invest in garden furniture that can help make the most out of your outdoor space on those sunny days.

Enter our favourite garden furniture, which ranges from complete sets to hanging Garden Chair. Not only are all of these pieces very of the moment, but each have also scored top marks from past customers in terms of its:

  Size and layout

  Climate and weather conditions

  Function and form

  Personal design aesthetics

  Price

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Are you failing your fridge?

Are you failing your fridge? | Regional-Lifestyles | Lifestyles | The  Chronicle Herald

You might be harbouring a germ criminal in your kitchen. Yes, we’re talking your fridge. You may have the smartest appliance in the world, capable of multi-tasking everything from ice making to letting you know you’re out of milk to one day diapering your kid – but when it hasn’t been cleaned in a while, you have the makings of a real mess on your hands.

If you haven’t stacked your foods correctly, or emptied it and washed it thoroughly, or just ignored for a while, you are setting yourself and your fridge up for failure as it can be one of the most germ infested places in the home.

Fridges get no respect – food is crammed every which way, in all the wrong places, and stuff gets lost in the crowd of leftovers. A fridge is rife for a bug buffet. Add to that people who needlessly stand … Read More