Post pandemic, art deco style makes a comeback

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With a world war, a depression that gutted its economy, and a global flu pandemic that killed 675,000 Americans, the early 20th century was a dark period in America’s history.

Such is the notion that when you’re engulfed in darkness you tend to chase the light. So when our country’s slump ended, it entered a time of booming economy and prosperity known as the Roaring ’20s. This breath-of-fresh-air decade brought us flappers, jazz, and art deco style—a zany design movement recognized by its geometric shapes, shiny surfaces, and bold colors.

Today, designers and consumers alike are looking at the current climate and trying to navigate what’s on the horizon aesthetically. With our own pandemic (hopefully) on its way out, there are stirrings of a rebirth of the joyful and courageous

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Tips for choosing toys for toddlers

Tips for Choosing Toys for Toddlers - AllMomNeeds

How do you choose which gifts are suitable for your child? This article offers some ideas for choosing toys that will grow with your child, challenge them and develop their thinking, physical, language and socio-emotional skills.

Toddlers are little explorers who learn by doing. Play provides a great opportunity for your child to develop and practice new skills at their own pace by following their unique interests. The toys and play items that are available to your child can influence their development in important ways.

While it may seem like choosing toys for toddlers should be easy, when you walk into a toy store today the only thing easy is that you feel overwhelmed. There is a huge range of toys designed for the toddler market. How do you choose which one is right for your child? How do you know which ones are high quality and which ones last … Read More