Ferrari 550 In Search Of A New Owner, Could That Be You?

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Bring home this classic Italian sports car.

Ferrari, the blacksmith of the Italian automotive world. Putting hammer to nail to craft some of the sharpest and most beautifully designed vehicles that slice through the competition like butter. While the legendary car company may have started from humble origins, the cars that they would design in just a short time, in the grand scheme of things, would prove to be a dominating force at both the track and in any car show that they attended. Today’s subject is an example of such an elusive concept. A beautifully created work of art meant to satisfy both the viewer’s eye and the driver’s passion for acceleration.

Under the hood of this incredible beast is a 5.5-liter V12 mated to an elegant six-speed transmission. That high-output monster of an engine puts up one hell of a

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