20 home renovations that will hurt your property’s value [Video]

Your home isn’t just a source of pride or a place where you can relax after a long day — it’s also an investment in your family’s future.

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26 Home Makeover Ideas That Each Cost Less Than $500

And while it’s natural to want to make improvements to increase your home’s resale value, some renovations will actually cost you money in the long run. Just because you see something as an improvement doesn’t mean a potential buyer will feel the same way. Find out which renovations are ones to avoid.

Roman Rybaleov / Shutterstock.com

Roman Rybaleov / Shutterstock.com

Lavish Lighting Fixtures
One common home improvement mistake is falling in love with unique or lavish light fixtures, said Alon Barzilay, founder of real estate development company Urban Conversions.”Whether it be ceiling-mounted lights in a dining room or a hanging pendant, there

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Home Depot Representative Asks Customer to Return Unrolled Pine Straw


Jack Alban


Posted on May 10, 2022   Updated on May 11, 2022, 1:12 pm CDT

Businesses are always on a quest to reduce costs and increase profits, but there are a variety of approaches different corporations take to achieve this goal.

Take Costco, for instance. The warehouse-style retailer has oft been praised for its treatment of employees, which includes more competitive wages, insurance benefits for even part-time workers, and customer service policies that have attained an almost mythical status. Oh, and they’ve managed to consistently be profitable, even during recessions.

Then there are companies that operate a bit differently, like trying to offload their customer service branches to sub-contracted companies. While employees at these contracted companies have access to some customer data and store policies, it’s obvious when they are reading from a script or canned response, so you often feel like you’re talking to an

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Graduation 2022: Home and party decorations

Con-GRAD-ulations, class of 2022! You’ve made it to the finish line after years of hard work. Put your party hats on because we’re celebrating.

What better way to close off an era than to throw a party? We’ve compiled a list of our favorite graduation home decorations to help you celebrate your 2022 graduate:

Congrats Grad Banner | Amazon

Congrats Grad Banner | Amazon

Let your entire neighborhood know that your family is getting one degree hotter! The Congrats Grad Banner isn’t the most subtle party decoration but, to be fair, it does make a great party prop. For $17.00, this banner ranges in 4 different colors and has 5 star ratings. Nothing but the best for the graduate.

Food will be served, right? YuBoBo 2022 Graduation Cupcake Toppers are the cutest way to decorate simple cupcakes and transform them into high-end looking sweets. It comes in a pack of 48 pieces, fit to feed

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