Cleveland City Council’s changes to residential tax abatement plan aim to encourage more home renovation

CLEVELAND, Ohio – Cleveland City Council members Tuesday dialed back some aspects of Mayor Justin Bibb’s proposed overhaul of residential tax abatement, particularly when it comes to the renovation of existing homes.

The changes approved by Council’s Development, Planning and Sustainability Committee would grant greater property tax relief than Bibb had pitched for the remodeling of one-, two- and three-family homes.

Bibb’s proposal sought to ditch the city’s longstanding one-size-fits-all approach to tax abatement, which for years has allowed property owners to pay no additional property taxes for 15 years on new home construction and substantial renovations of existing homes.

To replace that approach, Bibb maintained the 15-year abatement, but sought to grant varying levels of property tax relief for homes depending on their locations. Under his plan, homes in neighborhoods with strong housing markets would receive 85% abatement, homes in “middle” market neighborhoods would receive 90%, and homes in

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All Eyes on Bookshelf Design: Why a “Status Bookshelf” May Be in Your Future | Architectural Digest

How, then, to devise the ultimate bookshelf design? People with means took actions to make sure their bookshelves were not only up to par, but also highly visible—whether on screen or off.

Ashley Tisdale, for one, caught attention earlier this spring for admitting that her bookshelf had been staged for AD’s Open Door shoot. But as Tisdale herself pointed out in the press that followed, designers have been doing this for years. Specialists such as On Clarendon Road, who promise to “curate a library for your home to reflect your interests, passions, and everything that you find utterly delightful,” have been hired to deck out yachts, nurseries, and hotels.

Nina Freudenberger, an interior designer, penned this prescient volume in 2019.

As The New York Times recently uncovered, stars are intentionally setting up photo ops to show off the latest It book (hand-picked by a celebrity “book

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