Tennis Superstar Maria Sharapova Ventures Into Furniture Design

In her first foray into the arena of furniture design, Maria Sharapova—tennis star, entrepreneur, aficionado of art and architecture—reaffirms the maxim that less is more. Her collection for Vancouver-based Rove Concepts gathers strength from elegantly distilled forms, refined details, neutral colors, and a marked emphasis on versatility and function. “I wanted to make sure that all the pieces work as extensions of people’s lives—pieces that complement the things they already live with,” says Sharapova, who honed her design bona fides during her travels across the globe as well as the process of crafting her own home in Los Angeles (AD, July/August 2019). “It was important that the collection look and feel as beautiful today as it will in five or ten years.”

Maria Rug.

Maria Rug.


Maria Sofa from The Maria Sharapova Collection for Rove Concepts.

Maria Sofa from The Maria Sharapova Collection for Rove Concepts.

Maria Side Table.

The initial offering encompasses a mix of multifunctional essentials—a sofa deep enough

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The story behind picture rails and why so many San Francisco homes have them

A San Francisco apartment lease typically comes with a lot of conditions. You may be required to cover 75% of the hardwood floors in rugs or prohibited from burning candles or unable to host a pet that weighs more than 30 pounds. But perhaps the most common warning of all is about putting holes in the walls, a decision which could lead to a dip in the security deposit check when you eventually move out.

But for those in older buildings, there’s usually an easy workaround you may not have even realized existed — picture rails.

What you may initially mistake for crown molding is likely actually picture rail molding running horizontally around the room. It usually sits about a foot-and-a-half down from the edge where your walls meet your ceilings, and that molding is specifically there so that you can hang artwork or whatever else your heart desires from

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Netflix Renews 2 Home Design Series, Reveals New Marie Kondo Series Premiere Date

Netflix is hoping to make up for lost ground in the home design show world after Discovery+ launched with dozens of HGTV shows. The streaming giant announced the return of two design shows, Get Organized with The Home Edit and Dream Home Makeover. Tidying Up star Marie Kondo’s new show Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo also earned a summer launch date.

The first season of Get Organized launched in September 2020 and features The Home Edit authors Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. In the series, the two “conquer clutter with their unique brand of interior styling, practicality, and humor, dramatically transforming the lives of their clients,” Netflix notes. In the second season, viewers will enjoy a more detailed look at Teplin and Shearer’s business and there will be even more celebrity guests. The first season included Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Zoe, Khloe Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Retta, Neil Patrick Harris, Kane

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5 Tips for Cleaning and Maintaining Your Landscaping Tools

How to Control Weeds in the Lawn and Garden

Landscape professionals like Landscaping Yorkville depend upon reliable operation from a variety of tools and equipment each day. A breakdown, although it may not stop work completely, can result in extra time at a site and throw off tight schedules during busy times of the year.

Jeffery Rossen of DC-area Rossen Landscape believes in establishing strict replacement schedules and maintenance routines for all tools and equipment. Staying on top of common-sense, basic cleaning and maintenance keeps the crews safe, maximizes work hours and promotes a professional appearance.

Three tools no landscaper should live without.

The 2-cycle engines driving landscaping tools like blowers and weed trimmers require an oil/fuel mixture for proper lubrication and operation. Most operators know the risk involved in running these machines on a lean mix, but too often they avoid this folly by using a generous amount of oil in the blend. Rossen says that can be … Read More