The ultra chic and serene home of Mejuri founder Noura Sakkihja

When Noura Sakkihja founded Toronto-based jewellery brand Mejuri in 2013, her mission was simple: she was determined to create high-quality, fine jewellery that would last a lifetime. Fast forward nine years and the third generation jeweller has kept this ethos close to her heart and at the forefront of her mind not only in relation to her burgeoning business, but also during the renovation of her family home.

Noura Sakkihja’s newly-renovated townhouse, is exactly what you’d expect from a creative with eye for design and detail. It’s cohesive, refined and sophisticated but there’s nothing too perfect, pulled together, or – in Noura’s own words – “precious” about it either. Awash with natural light, neutral colours and natural textures, the interiors exude a sense of serenity and warmth, making you feel right at home – and that’s exactly what the designer intended.

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