This Is Really the Only Reason You Should Make Home Improvements

Two people smiling while eating at a kitchen counter.

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There may come a point when you decide it’s time to remodel your home. Maybe you’re tired of your outdated kitchen and want to give it a refresh and some new appliances. Or maybe your bathrooms could use new countertops and fixtures because your current ones are worn.

No matter the project at hand, it’s important you find a cost-effective way to finance your remodel if you can’t simply pull money from your savings account to pay for it outright. That could mean borrowing against your home via a home equity loan or HELOC, or taking out a personal loan for renovation purposes.

But if you’re going to renovate, it’s important to do so for the right reasons. And if your goal in renovating is to increase your home’s value, you may not want to go that route.

Renovate for yourself, not for a profit


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Florida Home: Before Pics and Plans

Subscribers and Instagram followers are aware that after a long search, we bought a house in Florida. There are several reasons why we’re making this move which I’ll go into in greater detail at a future date. Mostly it’s just a feeling that we need a change after 40+ years living in California.

We’ve talked of a different lifestyle, one that is relaxed and more affordable than the cost of living in California. After driving around the Gulf Coast of Florida twice in the last year, we narrowed our search to Sarasota as a place to move. We like the community, the downtown, and the proximity to beautiful beaches so we bought a house there as both an investment and a future home. I’ll be living there in the summer renovating the place and we will live permanently starting this fall with my son finishing high school in Florida.


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A Beginner’s Guide To Pressure Washing (WITH VIDEO)

We’ve mentioned how we use our pressure washer to revive various things around the house – like outdoor furniture and even an indoor rug – but we still hear from people who fear that it’s complicated to set up or expensive to buy or hard to control… and the good news is that it’s none of those things. So this post is a comprehensive start-to-finish guide for anyone who’s finally ready to get their pressure washing feet wet (maybe even literally).

Pressure washing is an easy, affordable, and TOTALLY AWESOME way to keep your outdoor spaces looking fresh. So I’m walking you through everything from setting it up and turning it on, to where and how we use ours. It makes such an insane difference every spring, I’d even call it a DIY VIP.

John pressure washing pool deck patio with Ryobi electric power washer

We were a bit intimidated the first time we tried pressure washing nearly 10 years ago.

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