How This Cannabis Entrepreneur Completed Her Own DIY Home Renovation | Architectural Digest

A home renovation is tricky no matter what, but Charlotte Hanna—a cannabis entrepreneur based in New York—figured it out like a pro. She may be a resident Brooklynite, but she spends a good deal of time in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, a quiet town in the heart of the Berkshires. Although plenty of New Yorkers load up their SUVs and head for the rural mountain towns in the sprawling New England region for vacation purposes, Hanna goes to work. The wife and mother of two is also the founder and CEO of Rebelle, a brand that Hanna describes as “cannabis with a purpose.”

That so-called purpose is abundantly clear upon peeking into her retail boutique on Barrington’s Main Street. Within her shop—which Hanna opened in 2019—she marries two elements seemingly not meant to be together: A minimalist but warm aesthetic that beckons a luxury retail experience and cannabis products. Creating

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Standout Japanese Home Style Where Craftsmanship Meets Creative Quirks

The distinguishing refined colour palette and laconic forms of traditional Japanese interiors meet extraordinary design solutions in these three inspirational home concepts. The most seductive of our three interior examples, our first Japanese home design is large and luxurious. Many traditional elements of Japanese design come to the forefront here but chiefly with a creative modern twist. Our second concept is layered with contemporary craftsmanship and reimagined classics to achieve a sleek combination of style, class, and sophistication. Our final tour takes place inside a compact modern home where unique and quirky pieces bring a fresh and fun vibe. Standout silhouettes build a sculptural thread between elegant Shōji screens and en vogue motifs.

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Lamborghini Design Team Working Well from Home

Photo credit: PHILIPP RUPPRECHT/Lamborghini

Photo credit: PHILIPP RUPPRECHT/Lamborghini

  • Lamborghini’s 17 designers, led by Mitja Borkert, have been working remotely in Italy, Germany, Poland, South Korea, California, and elsewhere during COVID.

  • He explains how “MacGyver methods” helped bring the Countach LPI 800-4 hybrid supercar to the Quail Motorsports Gathering last August.

  • Lamborghini will launch its first all-electric car in the second half of this decade, and Borkert declined to say how many design concepts are on the table now.

COVID’s been hard on all of us, but imagine what it’s like for automotive design teams fussing over the details of an all-new model while working individually at home, in a dozen different time zones.

This is what it’s been like for two years for Lamborghini’s 17 designers, each one scattered about—in Italy, Germany, Poland, South Korea, California, and many other points in between, working remotely for the sake of public health.

Lamborghini design chief Mitja

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Starting An Interior Design Business ~ Fresh Design Blog

Do you want to start an interior design business? If you’re passionate about interior design and feel your skills could benefit others, starting an interior design business is a fantastic way to transform your career and do something you love. But, you already know that it is never as easy as simply saying you’ve started a business. Many factors go into ensuring success, and even then it is not always guaranteed. 

So, before you update your LinkedIn profile and spend hours considering what shade of white your business cards will be, there are several things you must do to hit the ground running and start your interior design business properly. 

Interior design space planning helps get projects defined before work starts
Image credit: Naphat_Jorjee, via Shutterstock

Find Out If You Need a Business Licence

Some, but not all, businesses will require a business licence. However, in many cases, all you need to do is register as self-employed and begin trading.

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