Renovation of classic Ventnor beach home far eclipses its former splendor |

Plenty of thought and consideration went into the purchase of the 5-bedroom, 4½ -bathroom home at 27 South Little Rock Ave. in Ventnor when George Zahr was searching for a seashore retreat for his family.

Foremost among the criteria was making sure the home was tailored to his precise specifications, even if that meant shelling out considerably more cash to be sure his family had the finest and safest accommodations.

Equally important was the home’s location as it applied to both safe harbor from the sometimes-harsh seashore elements, and also ease of access to numerous dining options and other amenities.

“I had been looking for houses on the beach for a while and this looked like the right deal for me,” says Zahr, a retired DuPont research scientist. “I preferred that the home not be on the beach block, but on the next block in,

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Contractor Vetting Checklist for Homeowners Planning Renovations

This year, why not go beyond spring cleaning and give your home a major upgrade with a spring kitchen renovation? This season is the perfect time to focus on building out a brand-new design for your kitchen. A contractor can help bring your dreams to life, and all you need to find one is this handy contractor vetting checklist.

As you think about planning, design and budgeting, one of the first steps is to set realistic goals for what you’d like to achieve with a kitchen renovation (which can easily go over on time and budget, if you’re not careful). Make a list of what your priority items are (new cabinets? Upgraded appliances? A totally new floor plan?), then do your research on design, collecting inspiration photos as well as asking friends and family for guidance on their experiences with different brands, designers and dealers.

The next step is making

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What is Cellulose Loose Fill Insulation?

Is your home leaking air? Is it not as well insulated as it could be? If so, it is time to start considering adding some loose fill insulation  to your home. The reality is there are countless different types of insulation to choose from, so it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Most home improvement contractors you speak to will try to sell you on the materials they use, but the truth is their opinions are typically influenced by purchasing their products rather than facts.

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