Where Do Vegetables and Fruits Come From?

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The majority of folks probably don’t overthink this question. After all, your fruit and vegetables probably came from a market or the local store. Your fruit and vegetables may even have been delivered to your door from an online order in today’s world.

The amount of fresh produce that people were purchasing and consuming was steadily rising until the pandemic hit. According to Statista, the US fruit and vegetable market was worth $5.57 billion in 2019 but dropped slightly over the following two years.

Yet, despite the amount of fresh produce eaten, most people don’t know how these items came about. And it may startle you to know that many are factory products.

Do Man-made Vegetables Indeed Exist?

There is indeed such a thing as fruit and vegetables that are artificial. This possibly makes you think of laboratories and strange experiments. After all, if 3D printers are capable of making

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