3 costly home renovation mistakes first-time homeowners should avoid | Ap

Whether you’ve recently purchased your first home and need to do some renovations or are simply looking to redecorate, there’s a lot more to property design than you might think.

Dzinly, a home improvement platform that focuses on exterior design, has revealed the most common exterior home renovation mistakes made by first-time homebuyers. Here are three helpful hints to remember in order to avoid wasting time and money:

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The Top Questions We Get About Bamboo Flooring

Have you set your sights on installing bamboo flooring in your home? Are you a little confused by what you’ve been reading online?

You’re not alone. Depending on what resource you read, bamboo is either the best or worse material for residential flooring.

We fall into the category that thinks it makes a great addition to any home. However, like any flooring choice, you have to understand how to care for and maintain it over time to truly fall in love with it, and enjoy it for years to come.

We get a lot of questions about bamboo flooring as people are trying to narrow down their choices. We thought we’d share them with you here to help you make up your mind as you’re deciding if bamboo flooring will make a welcome addition to your home.

Are there different types of bamboo flooring?

Yes, and this is where a

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